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MySQL Basics: Complete Training for Beginners

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MySQL Basics in Hindi: Learn Database Management and its various operations in detail via MySQL Basics in Hindi Course

What you learn in MySQL Basics in Hindi ?

MySQL Basics in Hindi

About this Free Certificate Course

MySQL is a tool that is an open-source relational database management system that organizes the data into one or more tables where data types are related to each other. These relations help to structure the data in the tables. Structured Query Language is used to create, modify and extract data from relational databases, and it also controls user access to the database. RDBMS like MySQL, in addition to Relational databases and SQL, works along with operating systems to implement relational databases in the storage system, manages users, allows network access, and supports testing database integrity and creating backups. 

In this course, you will understand MySQL in Hindi. You will start by understanding the database, its creation, and its different types. You will also understand SQL and the types of SQL statements. Along with this, you will understand DML and DDL queries. Then you will understand how to create a table, how to alter an existing table, insert, update, delete, select, where clause, order by clause. Then, at last, you will understand the differences between the drop table and the truncate table. You will learn the concepts with the relevant hands-on demonstration.

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Course Outline:MySQL Basics in Hindi

  • Introduction to Database
  • Database Management System
  • Relational Database Management System
  • Installation of MySQL
  • SQL and Types of SQL StatementsView More
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MySQL Basics in Hindi
MySQL Basics in Hindi - 100% FREE Courses for DBMS 2