Write Html & Css 5 Times Faster With Vs Code & Emmet 2023

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Hi, Guys Welcome To This Course,

In THis Couse, You are going to learn the vs code with the emmet extension to Code 2 To 5 Or even 10 Times Faster,

At The Starting Section of the Course, I will help you Master the fundamental features of Visual Studio Code. I Will Also Show you how you can Customize Visual Studio Code By Changing themes and Changing the Sidebars and topbars, You will learn different tips to optimize your productivity. You will learn how to write code quickly and navigate to different files faster than ever!

This Course Is Going to be The Beginner To advance Course so you don’t have to worry if you are a complete beginner or new to code.

After You Finish The Vs Code Section Then We Will Move On To The Emmet Section And That’s Where The Real Magic Happens, I Will Teach You How You Can Write 40,60, Or Even 100 Lines OF Html Code Just With The Help of 3 Lines Of Code Or Less,

After You Finish The First Section OF Emmet, You Will Be Amazed By The Emmet And Then I Will Show You Some Of The Emmet Snippets And Provide You With The Resources Where You Can Learn More Things About Emmet And Vs Code.

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What you will learn :

1. Write code faster to be more productive.
2. From beginning to advanced concepts in vs code and emmet
3. Explore the UI of VSCode
4. Download ,Install and configure VS Code For Coding
5. Get familiar with Vs code User interface
6. how to work with HTML and CSS inside your Visual studio code
7. All about Vs code integrated terminal/Panel
8. How to work in multiple files side by side
9. Get the most out of the Editor area in Visual studio code
10. create your own keyboard shortcut
11. All Helpfull shortcuts for vs code
12. Shortcuts for file management , searching and replacing , opening/closing windows and editors.
13. Download and Install Themes and pluggins
14. Use Command pallete for settings , themes and instructions
15. Navigating betweens files and inside files really quickly

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