Time Series Forecasting in MS Excel: Practical Guide

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Course : Time Series Analysis and Forecasting with MS Excel

Introduction to Time Series Analysis

Time series analysis is a statistical method that involves analyzing past data within a specific time period to forecast future trends. It revolves around an ordered sequence of data points at equally spaced intervals. To gain a better understanding of time series data and analysis, let’s consider an example using airline passenger data. This dataset consists of the number of passengers over a specific period of time.

Time series data is generated in various fields, making the study of time series analysis highly applicable. Let’s explore the importance of time series analysis in different areas:

Field of Economics

Time series analysis plays a vital role in economics, particularly in budget studies and census analysis. By analyzing past economic data, economists can make informed decisions and predictions for the future.

Field of Finance

In the finance industry, time series analysis is widely utilized to understand stock market fluctuations, yield management, market volatility, and other financial indicators. By analyzing historical financial data, professionals can make informed investment decisions.

Social Sciences

Social scientists use time series analysis to study birth rates, death rates, and other population trends over a specific time period. This information helps them develop schemes and policies that align with societal interests.


In the healthcare field, epidemiologists use time series analysis to analyze the number of people infected with diseases over the years. For example, during the current COVID-19 pandemic, researchers analyze the number of cases over time to track the spread of the virus and make predictions.

Furthermore, time series analysis can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of drugs by monitoring blood pressure levels over a given period of time.

Environmental Science

Environmental scientists rely on time series data to explain phenomena such as the rise in temperature over the past few years. By analyzing temperature data over time, researchers can identify patterns and trends, leading to a better understanding of climate change.

It’s important to note that time series data introduces a challenge as it violates the assumption of conventional statistical models. Unlike independent and identically distributed data points, time series data shows correlation between adjacent data points. Therefore, a systematic approach is required to analyze time series data and address the statistical and mathematical questions that arise due to this correlation.

Time series analysis finds application in statistics, economics, geography, bioinformatics, neuroscience, and other fields. The common thread across these domains is the need for sophisticated techniques to model data over a specific time period, taking into account the interdependence of adjacent data points.

The Role of Time in Time Series Analysis

In time series analysis, time serves as the independent variable, and the primary objective is forecasting. By analyzing past patterns and trends, time series analysis helps predict future outcomes.

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4. Methods of Forecasting and Steps in Forecasting

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