Beginner’s Photography Course Bundle: 9-in-1 Practical Guide

Beginner's Photography Course Bundle: 9-in-1 Practical Guide

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Course : Practical Photography for Absolute Beginners: 9 Courses in 1

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== Students reviews on this course ==

“I had a great love for this course. Through this photography course, I learned so many new things that I never heard of. The teaching method is very simple and beautiful which can be learned easily by anyone.” — Naveen Yes

“Awesome all are understanding and point to point” — Naman Verma

“It was great course. I now have a better understanding as to which camera to purchase.” — Norman Joseph Edwards

“It’s a very nice course for the new ones who want to learn about photography, each and every thing are explained. You must take this course.” — Ananya Jain

This online photography course is an incredible opportunity to enhance your photography skills and learn how to capture amazing and breathtaking images. With the help of this course, you will not only transform your photography skills but also learn about the art of making money through photography.

Course Highlights

1. Easy Understanding of Tricky DSLR Concepts: This course simplifies the complex concepts of DSLR photography through easy animations. You will learn about the DSLR image taking process, how the viewfinder works, shooting in RAW format, ISO, Aperture, and understanding shutter speed. The course includes cheat sheets, charts, and comprehensive explanations that enhance your knowledge about DSLR cameras.

2. Mastering Lighting Techniques: Lighting is a crucial aspect of photography. This course delves into the significance of lighting in photography, training you to understand natural light, overcoming challenges of shooting in different lighting conditions, and optimizing the use of reflectors and diffusers for exceptional photographs.

3. Captivating Macro Photography: Macro photography allows you to capture captivating close-up shots. This course equips you with the knowledge of macro photography benefits, live view techniques, using focusing rails for precise focus, and employing diffusers and umbrellas. You will also understand how to overcome challenges such as wind and noisy/grainy photos.

4. Exploring the Power of Black and White Photography: Discover the artistry of black and white photography and its unique visual impact. This course covers the reasons behind the power of black and white photography, offers tips and tricks for creating stunning black and white shots, and teaches you how to create vintage looks with Photoshop.

5. Mastering Composition in Photography: Composition plays a vital role in creating captivating photographs. In this course, you will learn about the various components that make a picture great, techniques for subject placement and separation, balancing elements, perspectives, and utilizing patterns and leading lines. The course also covers the rule of thirds and golden ratio techniques.

6. Earning Through Stock Photography: In addition to improving your photography skills, this course provides a comprehensive guide to making money through stock photography. You will learn the success theory of stock photography, how to analyze the stock photography market, earning from multiple stock photography sites, and creating images that have high selling potential.

7. Mastering Portrait Photography: Portrait photography has its unique challenges and intricacies. This course helps you understand the key concepts of portrait photography, explores common mistakes in portrait shots, and provides cheat sheets for portrait lighting.

8. Deep Analysis on Lenses: Understanding lenses is essential to elevate your photography. This course provides in-depth analysis of DSLR lenses, special-purpose lenses, benefits of prime lenses, and explores popular Nikon and Canon lenses in the market.

9. Filters & Stabilization: Filters and stabilization are vital accessories for enhancing your photography. This course covers different types of filters and their applications, such as polarization and neutral density filters. It also explains the importance of tripods and offers alternatives if you don’t have one.

10. Long Exposure Photography: Long exposure photography allows you to create mesmerizing and dreamlike images. This course introduces you to long exposure techniques, recommends equipment such as ND filters, provides analysis of long exposure shots, and offers valuable tips for better results.

11. Photo Editing in Photoshop: Photoshop is a powerful tool for enhancing and refining your photographs. This course demonstrates various editing techniques, including creating vintage looks, black and white with warm tone effects, high-key portraits, color pop, sharpening, creating matte effects, adding reflections, and creating HDR effects.

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What you will learn :

1. You will know how to shoot amazing photos and will make your friends and family wow!
2. You will know how to earn money through photography
3. You will know when to shoot photos in natural lighting, how to utilize at best
4. You will know how to compose better photo shots
5. You will know how every things works inside DSLR with learn by example approach
6. You will learn how to take portratit shots, landscape shots, black and white photo shots, macro shots

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