PHP MySQL Projects 2023: 5 Builds with Discount

PHP MySQL Projects 2023: 5 Builds with Discount

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Course : PHP with MySQL 2023: Build 5 PHP and MySQL Projects

Free Udemy Coupon PHP MySQL Projects: Practical Web Projects

Ready to dive into practical web projects? Are you stuck in tutorial hell? want to build your own CV but don’t know how and when to start? If so, this is the right project for you. This course contains five projects for a reason. It covers the most common parts of every web project out there. Even if you are experienced as a developer, you should still give it a shot. and the projects are not similar and that’s the surprise. Every project covers a certain topic.

Project 1: Authentication System

In this project, we will start with what every web project has, which is the authentication system. It contains a couple of useful parts like validation, password hashing, sessions, and so on.

Project 2: CRUD App

The second project is a CRUD app that will help you manipulate data like a pro. You will learn how to set forms, update, delete, and create data efficiently.

Project 3: URL Shortening Service

In the third project, we dive into building a URL shortening service. It may seem simple, but it is incredibly practical. We will even incorporate jQuery to enhance the functionality.

Project 4: Integration and Image Display

The fourth project is the largest one of them all. Here, we integrate the code from the previous project (authentication system) and learn how to insert and display images effectively.

Project 5: Email Sender

The final project focuses on one of the most important aspects of any development: an email sender. You will learn how to dynamically send emails, a skill crucial for various projects and applications.

Completing these five projects will give you a comprehensive understanding of practical web development. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to further enhance your skills and build your own impressive CV.

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What you will learn :

1. Get to know the main functions and common parts of every website
2. Learn password hashing and de-hashing
3. Learn how to create, update, delete and display data
4. Create a full authentication system
5. Learn the basics of validation and limit the user ability inside the web app
6. Learn to create a URL shortening service
7. Train your knowledge as a PHP developer
8. Build a complete PHP and MySQL gallery
9. Learn to insert and manipulate images on your app
10. Learn to send emails professionally and dynamically
11. Explore top tips and tricks about development in general

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