Photoshop plus : 30 days challenge to learn adobe photoshop

Joseph adam

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Welcome to my course to learn Photoshop from scratch.

This course is a full programme to learn graphic design with Adobe Photoshop and not a normal course to just learn tools. In this course I start with you from scratch as I show you how to use the layers system and the basics of graphic design. then we start to dive deeper step by step to reach an intermediate level and then an advanced level. By the end you can rely on yourself to create any design you want without any help.

In each day of the 30 days of training you will learn a new and different thing in graphic design. And with each day passing you get closer to becoming a professional graphic designer. Which will help you to improve your business online and off.

The course is divided to 4 weeks in an easy and smooth process.

In the first week we learn to work with projects in the Photoshop and we get to know all the important tools that we use in selection, cropping, and merging.

And also the retouching tools to adjust images. And the adjustments layer to edit colours and edit the quality of images. Plus the layer style window that allows us to edit the text and add multiple effects to it.

In the second week we will learn to work with filters and how to add them to images and we will take a look at the painting brushes that allows us to create artistic designs. And we will see multiple tips and tricks that will make things easier for us.

In the third week we will move to the next level as I will show you how to work as a graphic designer and how to create commercial designs like flyers, business cards, T-shirts, social media designs and web ad banners in different sizes.

In the fourth week on the special section we will see photo manipulation in which I will show you how to merge images in a professional way by setting the colours, the sizes, the lighting and by adding details and effects to your designs.

In this section we will work on 3 different designs then we will move to the camera raw filter. This special tool is for photographers and we use it to edit and enhance the quality of images taken by phone cameras and professional cameras. then we will move to the next section in which we will learn to create animated designs using the timeline in the software.

At the end of this course you will have a great knowledge in graphic design and you will be able to start your career as a designer and create your own artistic designs.

After this course you will turn from a normal person with no experience in graphic design to a special graphic designer.

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What you will learn :

1. Photoshop basics
2. How to manage the layers system
3. Design a poster
4. Create the polar coordinate effect
5. Design business cards
6. Selecting images and changing the background in simple and complex images
7. Improving images and removing unwanted objects
8. Working with adjustments layer
9. Changing any objects color in images
10. Manipulation designs
11. Setting the light and the shadow to improve images
12. How to create designs using shapes
13. Write text and paragraphs
14. Adding effects to the text using the layer style
15. Create 3D text
16. Adding filters to images
17. How to convert images to smart object
18. Brush tools
19. Creating artistic paintings using the art history brush tool
20. Learn multiple tricks to make things easier for you
21. Change the sky background in a single click
22. Remove unwanted characters from images
23. Change billboards photos
24. Change object package
25. Content aware scale
26. Painting text on surfaces
27. How to Crop objects with their original shadow
28. Adding shadow to characters
29. Create an object reflection
30. Warp text
31. Text masking
32. Create the Neon light effect
33. Create the light bean effect
34. Create the sunglasses effect
35. How to light a lamp
36. Create the glass effect
37. Create commercial designs
38. Learn how to create designs and work online
39. You will become a graphic designer in 30 days only
40. Improve your CV to get better jobs
41. Create mock-ups to show to your clients
42. Learn to use the art board tool to create multiple designs
43. Create social media designs
44. Create ad banners for websites
45. Create T-shirt designs
46. Camera raw filter
47. Edit photographic designs and improve them
48. Color grading
49. Color correction
50. Create animated designs

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