Complete Google Classroom Course: Teaching Google Classroom [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

TJ Walker, Jan Ekhteyari, Media Training Worldwide Digital

What you'll learn :

1. Understand Practically how Google Classroom Can Change Learning
2. Enroll Students Into a Classroom Using Easier Method
3. How to Setup Google Account to Use Google Classroom
4. Stream Professionally on Your Class Using Stream Tab
5. Create Assignment and Quiz with Auto Grading and Result
6. Stream Material, or Post Reuse Post from Other Classes to Even Engage Student
7. Google Calendar with Google Classroom Can Be Learned to Create Amazing Event
8. Learn to Work Both on Web and Phone on Google Classroom, Google Calendar, and Google Meet
9. Guide on How You Can User with School or Personally with Your Student on Any Platform
10. Learn how To Communicate with Students Using Google Classroom
11. Share to Google Classroom Extension Which Makes Easier to Manage and Engage Student
12. Google Calendar Extension to See the Event Coming Up
13. Google Drive Extension Let You Save Anything Anytime
14. Google Translate Extension Helps You to Get Meaning of Each Word Anytime
15. Use Bitmoji to Create Your Avatar to Make Fun Teaching
16. Flubarroo Extension Will Will Help to Auto Grading Within Your Quiz
17. Case Change Extension that Will Help You to Make Everything Nice
18. How to Go Offline Over Google Docs, Google Slide, & Google Sheet
19. Creating Paper Test for Your Class Using Just Table in Google Docs
20. Security Is Everything! Create Proper Password, Keep You Date and Device Secure
21. The Best Solution to Keep and Have Password Through Last Pass
22. Doing Math with Google Docs
23. Screenshot with Math Extension
24. MathType
25. Extra methods to Help you Teach on Google Classroom
26. How To Look And Sound Your Best Camera
27. Eliminate All Unnecessary Verbal Tics and Fillers

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