Painting In Ink On Paper By International Artist [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

Katrina Read

What you'll learn :

1. Learn tips and tricks to paint with ink on paper, and work towards painting botanicals from International artist, and the creator of two brands, Katrina Read.
2. This course starts with the basics fundamentals of painting and applies it through guided tasks using ink on paper. You will gain access to support downloads.
3. Gain confidence to apply the tips and tricks you have learnt to start to paint botanical elements and understand composition, light, gradients and colour.
4. Work with a professional level artist and designer to gain valuable insight into what it takes to develop a style and learn about Katrina’s own brand story.
5. How to master basic techniques.
6. Unlimited access to rework your downloads and develop your own style.
7. Learn tips on how to approach your art as a business.
8. How to avoid your painting looking washed out by learning to build in layers.
9. How to blend and tone your artwork with gradients, tones and shades.
10. How to paint in details and depth.
11. Gain an understanding of how ink behaves on different papers.
12. Learn how to mix your colours and work with a colour wheel.

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