Okta, Blockchain, NFTs & Cyber Kill Chain- 4 in 1 course

Junaid Zafar

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What you will learn :

1. Students shall learn about the basics and development of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency using NFTs
2. Solidity for Dapps: High-level overview of NFTs and Web 3.0
3. NFTs for the implementation of Cryptotrading
4. Solidity: Implementations of Modifiers and Creation of Smart Contracts (Web 3)
5. Solidity: Implementations of transactions through digital wallet in the crypto- domain (web 3)
6. Creating Ether Wallet, Setting Gas Price and Verifying Signatures
7. Merkle Tree Implementation
8. Setting up a Bi- directional Payment Channel
9. dApps: Implementing CrowdFund & UNIWAP using Solidity
10. DevOps: Practical Guide for the beginners
11. DevOps for Service Virtualization & Transformation
12. Introduction to Okta and its Implementation

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