Operating system concepts-2 [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

Aditya Mishra (Ph.D.)

What you'll learn :

1. Why use threads in programs?
2. What are the overheads of using processes?
3. What is the key idea behind threads?
4. Difference between single vs multithreaded processes
5. Benefits of using threads.
6. Pthread basics.
7. How to create a thread using Pthread?
8. How to pass parameters to a thread?
9. How to use Pthread_self, Pthread_equal?
10. How to terminate a thread?
11. How to use Pthread_join to wait for a thread to terminate?
12. How to return values from thread functions?
13. How to wait for threads?
14. How to detach a thread using Pthread_detach?
15. What are global variables in threads?
16. What is concurrency in programs?
17. What are race conditions and atomic operations?
18. What is synchronization?
19. What are the correctness properties for synchronization solutions?
20. How to enforce mutual exclusion?
21. What are locks?
22. How to use locks in Pthreads?
23. How to avoid deadlock with locks?
24. What are semaphores?
25. What are synchronization patterns–bounded concurrent access, signaling?
26. How to employ semaphores to avoid busy waiting?
27. How multithreading interacts with multicores?
28. What are the challenges of multicore programming?
29. How to designing multithreaded programs?
30. What are thread pools?
31. What is the readers-writers problem?
32. How to solve the readers-writers problem?
33. What is the dining philosophers problem?
34. How to solve the dining philosophers problem?
35. What are the 4 necessary conditions for deadlocks?
36. How to prevent deadlocks?
37. What is resource allocation graph?
38. How to handle deadlocks?
39. How to implement threads?
40. What are user threads and kernel threads?
41. How are threads implemented in Linux?
42. How are locks implemented?
43. What is the TestAndSet atomic instruction?
44. What are spin locks?
45. How do locks influence performance?

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