Beginner’s Apache Spark Analytics Project for the Olympic Games

Beginner's Apache Spark Analytics Project for the Olympic Games

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Course : Olympic Games Analytics Project in Apache Spark for beginner

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Free Udemy Coupon and Apache Spark Analytics: Analyzing Olympic Game Data


In this course, you will learn to analyze data from the Olympic Games using Apache Spark and Databricks Notebook (Community edition). Apache Spark is a powerful tool for Big Data analysis, and this course will show you how to leverage it for analyzing Olympic Game data.

Basics Flow of Data in Apache Spark

Before diving into the analysis, it’s important to understand the basics of data flow in Apache Spark. This includes loading data and working with data in Spark. Understanding these concepts will help you make the most out of Spark for your Big Data analysis tasks.

Learn Basics of Databricks Notebook

Databricks Notebook is an important tool for working with Apache Spark, and this course will introduce you to its basics. Enroll in the Free Community Edition Server of Databricks Notebook to get hands-on experience with this powerful tool.

Olympic Games Analytics

One of the best ways to understand the capabilities of Apache Spark is through real-world examples. In this course, we will use Olympic Games data to showcase the analytics capabilities of Spark. You will learn how to analyze and visualize this data using Databricks Notebook.

Graphical Representation of Data using Databricks Notebook

Data visualization is an essential part of data analysis. In this course, you will learn how to create graphical representations of Olympic Games data using Databricks Notebook. Through hands-on exercises, you will understand how to visualize complex data in a meaningful way.

Hands-On Learning

The best way to learn is through hands-on experience. This course provides you with ample opportunities to practice your skills by working with real Olympic Games data. You will gain confidence in using Apache Spark and Databricks Notebook by actually analyzing and manipulating data.

Real-Time Use Case

Learning Apache Spark and Databricks Notebook opens up a world of opportunities for your career. With the skills gained in this course, you will be equipped to tackle real-time data analysis tasks in various industries. This practical application will make you a valuable asset in the job market.

Publish the Project on Web to Impress Your Recruiter

At the end of this course, you will have a solid project showcasing your skills in Apache Spark analytics. You can publish this project on the web, making it easily accessible to potential employers. This will help you stand out and impress recruiters looking for candidates with data analysis skills.

About Databricks

Databricks is a powerful platform that allows you to start writing Spark queries instantly, enabling you to focus on solving your data problems rather than dealing with infrastructure constraints. Their Community Edition Server provides a free and convenient way to learn and practice Spark analytics.

Data Exploration

To dive deeper into the world of Apache Spark analytics, we will explore a dataset on the modern Olympic Games. This dataset includes information on all the Games from Athens 1896 to Rio 2016. By analyzing this data, you will gain insights into the history and trends of the Olympic Games over the years.


The combination of Apache Spark and Databricks Notebook provides a powerful platform for analyzing and visualizing Big Data. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of Spark analytics by working with Olympic Games data. This hands-on learning experience will equip you with the skills needed to tackle real-world data analysis tasks. Enroll in this course today and unlock the potential of Apache Spark for your career.

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What you will learn :

1. In this course you will learn to Analyze data (Olympic Game) in Apache Spark using Databricks Notebook (Community edition)
2. Data exploration about the recent history of the Olympic Games using Apache Spark
3. Basics flow of data in Apache Spark, loading data, and working with data, this course shows you how Apache Spark is perfect for Big Data Analysis job.
4. Learn basics of Databricks notebook by enrolling into Free Community Edition Server
5. Olympic Games Analytics a real world examples.
6. Graphical  Representation of Data using Databricks notebook.
7. Transform structured data using SparkSQL and DataFrames
8. Publish the Project on Web to Impress your recruiter

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