Master Machine Learning and Data Science with Python

Jifry Issadeen

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What you will learn :

1. Understand Python programming concepts: Variables, lists, tuples, sets and Dictionaries.
2. Comfortably deal with Python programming concepts: If statements, loops, custom functions, built-in functions, comprehensions, lambda functions and more..
3. Comfortably create, evaluate and improve the performance of famous machine learning models with the help of Python
4. Identify the most suitable machine learning algorithm to practically deal with the problem you are solving.
5. Be comfortable with the theoretical elements of each machine learning model.
6. Broad understanding of each machine learning concepts and their practice implementation with Python programming language.
7. Be comfortable with Exploratory data analysis.
8. Distinguish the different algorithms and capable of selecting the best.
9. Parameter tuning and model improvements.
10. Be comfortable dealing with Outliers, Missing Values, Feature Scaling, Imbalanced data and feature selection.
11. Understand the idea behind the boosting techniques and how to implement them effectively.
12. Be a pro who can deal with machine learning algorithms by your own.

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