Photoshop Essentials & Beyond – Beginning & Advance combined [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

David Casuto

What you'll learn :

1. Learn the basics like: customizing the interface, panels, shortcuts, graphic design principles, file formats and saving
2. Layer management, working with Type, color theory and application, layer effects, adjustment layers
3. Understanding and mastering selection techniques, magic wand, lasso tools, cropping, image resizing
4. Working with layer masks, clipping masks, adjustment layers, filters, photography enhancement
5. Photo touch up including: Clone Stamp, Patch Tool, Healing Brush, dodge and burn, content-aware fill tool.
6. Advanced tools like Camera RAW, Layer Comps, blending modes, pen tool, advanced selection techniques, advanced filters, creating actions.
7. How to use the Curves, Levels, Vibrance, Hue and Saturation Adjustment Layer
8. Working with advanced Type options including type on a path, warping text and 3D text
9. Using Actions to automate your processes
10. Working with Smart Objects, Smart Filters and Masking

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