Linux Bash Shell Scripting Incl. AWK, SED and 10+ Projects

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This comprehensive course is specially designed to transform you into an expert in bash shell scripting, enabling you to automate repetitive tasks with ease. Whether you’re a system administrator, penetration tester, linux administrator, bug bounty hunter, ethical hacker, developers, or someone looking to enhance their shell scripting skills, this all-in-one course is perfect for you.

Focused on advanced shell scripting, this course provides a clear and concise understanding of the basics of linux bash shell scripting and takes you to the next level of mastery. By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of all the concepts of bash scripting, from command line to scripting to project-based approaches.

With more than 10 practical projects, this course provides a hands-on approach to learning and clears any doubts you may have about bash shell scripting. These projects include server backup, server load monitoring system, website reconnaissance, and more. You will gain valuable experience in making your own tools in bash, and the course will equip you with the knowledge to automate repetitive tasks in linux systems.

So, if you want to clear your basics about linux bash shell scripting and take your skills to the next level, enroll in this unique course today!

The course contains this topics:

IntroductionIntroductionLinux administrationOverview of linux administrationTypes of users in linuxBasic linux administration commandsAdding and deleting a userAdding and deleting a groupBasic to advance linux commandsBasic to advance linux commands | Part – 1Basic to advance linux commands | Part – 2Basic to advance linux commands | Part – 3Some advance linux commandsecho commandXargs commandFind commandTR commandGrep commandLinux file permissionsBasic overview of file permissionsUnderstanding files permissions practicallyExporting files to pathHello world in bashHello world ! in bashShe-bangBehind the scene of execution of a scriptVariables in bashVariables introExplicitReading user input in bashAdvance method to read user inputCommand substitutionAdvance method to read user inputBuiltin or environment variables in bashProject on variablesArithmetic calculation in bashOverview of arithmetic calculationPractical of arithmetic calculationProject on arithmetic calculationStrings in bashString overviewBasics of stringCase modificationSub-string removalSearch and replace in stringFinding string lengthSub-string expansionConcatenationArrays in bashOverview of arrayBasics of arrayAssociative arrayIndicesProject on arrayArguments in bashOverview of argumentsPractical on argumentsMore on argumentsSpecial parameters in bashProject on argumentsI & O redirection in bashI/O redirectionPractical on I/O redirectionPipingExit statusOverview of exit statusPractical on exit statusCustom exit statusIf-else in bashif-else overviewMathamatical comparisionMore on mathamatical comparisionString comparisionMore on string comparisionFile conditionsMore on file conditionsIf-elif-elseif-else ladderAND and OR operatorsProject on if-else | Part – 1Project on if-else | Part -2Regular expressions in bashIntroduction to  regular expressionPractical on regular expressionIntroduction to character classPractical on character classProject on regular expression | Part – 1Project on regular expression | Part – 2Task on regular expressionSolution of taskGlobbingIntroduction to globingMore on globingIntroduction to extended globingMore on extended globingDifference between regular expression and globingProject on globingWhile loopIntroduction to while loopsMore on while loopC-Style while loopReading from while loopInfinite while loopWhile loop with multiple conditionsNested while loopPractical on nested while loopBreak & continue with while loopProject on while loopTask on while loopSolution of taskFor loopIntroduction of for loopBasics of for loopReading files in for loopC-Style for loop in bashInfinite for loopFor loop with arraysFor loop with two parametersFor loop with parametized file listNested for loop, break & continueReal world project on for loopUntil loopUntil loop explanationCaseIntroduction to caseSyntax and basic of caseMore on caseCreating menu using “select”Rechecking user input using caseCreating scripts with parametersReal world project on caseFunctionIntroduction to functions in bashSyntax of functionsMore on functionsCron jobsIntroduction to cron jobsMore on cron jobsVerifying your cronjobGUI cronjobReal world project on cronjobsColors in bashSyntax of adding colors in shellPractical of colorsCreating a welcome message on every time you open your terminalPrintf commandPrintf command introductionMore on printf commandWidth specification in printf commandCreating a tableAwk commandIntroduction to awk commandAwk practicalRegular expression with awkField sepratorsBoolean operators in awkIf-else in awkBoolean operators in awkLoops in awk (for loop, while loop, do while loop)Sed commandIntroduction to sed commandMore on sed commandPractical examples on sedSimple projects (Sharpen your skills)Random quote generatorDigital clockPassword generatorSystem administration projectsScript for Server backupServer load monitoring scriptProjects for penetration testing (BUG BOUNTY HUNTERS OR PENTESTERS)XSS finderSSRF finding toolFull recon tool for website reconnaissanceURL extractor from javascript filesBonus section Bonus video

Points to remember:

Remember your goalsDon’t stop until you proudOrganize your time to learn and PracticeRemember why you startedYou can do itMake notes of every thing in separte copy because you cannot memorize everything

Happy learning 🙂

What you'll learn :

1. Unleash the Power of Shell Scripting
2. Master the Art of Automation with bash
3. Learn to Build Amazing Tools with Bash Scripting!
4. Master the Art of Linux Administration
5. Master the Command Line and Take Control of Your System!
6. Learn How to Run Your Own Scripts in Minutes!

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