Learn Bootstrap – For Beginners [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

Course: Learn Bootstrap – For BeginnersLearn to create mobile-responsive web pages using Bootstrap

Students learn to create the front-end component of mobile-responsive web applications, using the Bootstrap framework.

The techniques explored in this course will ensure your web applications adhere to strict development standards to avoid cross-browser and cross-device compatibility issues.

The course starts with the fundamental concepts, including embedding Bootstrap into web pages. We then explore the Bootstrap Grid system and popular mobile responsive web layouts.

Students will gain a solid understanding of almost every Bootstrap component available, from typography, carousels, panels, drop-down menus, and collapsible nav-bars to forms, popovers, modals and tool tips.

We provide several hands-on exercises to ensure students effectively grasp course material.

What you’ll learn – Overview:

Bootstrap Page StructureBootstrap Grid SystemBootstrap LayoutsBootstrap TypographyStyling ImagesBootstrap Tables, Buttons, Badges, & Progress BarsBootstrap PaginationBootstrap PanelsBootstrap Menus & Navigation BarsBootstrap Carousel & ModalsBootstrap ScrollspyBootstrap Themes

Key Concepts:

Intro to BootstrapEmbedding BootstrapBootstrap Page StructureBootstrap Grid SystemBootstrap Three Column LayoutsBootstrap TypographyBootstrap TablesBootstrap Styling ImagesBootstrap JumbotronBootstrap WellsBootstrap AlertsBootstrap ButtonsBootstrap Button GroupsBootstrap Justified Button GroupsBootstrap GlyphiconsBootstrap Badges and LabelsBootstrap Progress BarsBootstrap PaginationBootstrap Pager PaginationBootstrap List GroupsBootstrap PanelsBootstrap Dropdown MenusBootstrap CollapsiblesBootstrap Collapse PanelBootstrap Collapse List GroupBootstrap AccordianBootstrap Tab MenusBootstrap Pill MenusBootstrap Dynamic Tabs and PillsBootstrap Navigation BarBootstrap Collapsible Navigation BarBootstrap Forms – Vertical and InlineBootstrap InputsBootstrap Form Control StatesBootstrap Input SizingBootstrap CarouselBootstrap ModalBootstrap TooltipBootstrap PopoverBootstrap ScrollspyBootstrap Project – Themes IntroBootstrap Project – File OverviewBootstrap Project – Script OverviewBootstrap Project – Script Overview Cont.

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What you'll learn :

1. Bootstrap Page Structure
2. Bootstrap Grid System
3. Bootstrap Layouts
4. Bootstrap Typography
5. Styling Images
6. Bootstrap Tables, Buttons, Badges, & Progress Bars
7. Bootstrap Pagination
8. Bootstrap Panels
9. Bootstrap Menus & Navigation Bars
10. Bootstrap Carousel & Modals
11. Bootstrap Scrollspy
12. Bootstrap Themes

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