Fast C# by Windows Forms to Create Pro Windows Apps [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

Hi There!

With my 20 years programming skills I’m with you to share my knowledge with you.


If you try you will learn using C# to create C# Apps for windows!

If you are beginners or student looking for a tutorial to create Windows App in C# in simplest way!

I started from beginning and show you how to :

3 Courses in One + 30 Hours + 3 live ProjectsCreate Windows Apps by C# Basics of C# like: variablesfor loop structureIf statementControls and eventsResources in C#Working with files and foldersUsing text file to save dataDebugging the codesCreate calculator applicationDesign Phone Book applicationBuild Diary application for windowsCreating MDI and ADI projectsControls like : Button, TextBox, CheckBox, ComboBox and ListBoxCreate digital clockWorking with date and timeCreate a calendarWorking with RTF filesSave and load data in RTF formatAdvance using of comboboxWorking with imagesDialogs in C#:Working with logical operatorsCreating method and class in C#Using Clipboard of Windows to save and load dataand…

Don’t hesitate to start learning C#!

Every thing will be discussed with sample project and you will have lot of fun within my course.

Let’s go !!!

What you'll learn :

1. 6 Courses in One + 40 Hours – Learn with Projects , Beginners, Interm and Advance
2. Build 3 pro apps: Calculator , Phone Book and Diary application
3. Easily learn the basics of C# to advance topics by Windows form method
4. Learn: Variables,Controls, Debug, Events
5. Using Files, Folders and text files
6. Working with resources and settings
7. Windows clipboard – RTF files
8. Date and time – Calendar

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