Complete Electrical Design Engineering Course for Beginners

ProEngineering Academy

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What you will learn :

1. Learn about Different Kinds of Lamps and Luminaires
2. Learn about Lamps and Luminaires Properties and Applications
3. Complete Electrical Engineering Design Training with Autocad
4. Complete Lighting Designing in DIALux
5. Lighting & Power Distribution Design in Autocad
6. Electrical Low Voltage Calculations Manually By Using Excel Sheets
7. Panel Schedule, Load Balancing for Electrical Distribution Panels with Excel Software
8. Analyze Electrical Systems using ETAP
9. Sizing Low Voltage Cables and Circuit Breakers
10. Design Electrical Distribution Networks (Single Line Diagram)
11. Learn about Distribution transformers Properties , Types and Ratings
12. Power Factor Corrections Systems Ratings and Calculations
13. Voltage Drop and Short Circuit Analysis in Excel and ETAP Software
14. Design of Earthing & Lightning Systems

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