Hands-on Autodesk Combustion Training with Udemy Free Coupon

Hands-on Autodesk Combustion Training with Udemy Free Coupon

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Course : Autodesk Combustion Training Hands-on

Free Udemy Coupon for Autodesk Combustion Training

Autodesk Combustion is a computer program for motion graphics, stunning visuals, and compositing. It is a paid application by the famous software tycoons Autodesk media and entertainment, which is used to create quick and easy visual effects. Combustion was released in the year 2008 and it is available for both Windows and Mac OS. Combustion was formerly known as discreet.

Combustion is an all in one tool which allows paint, animate, edit and composes 2D and 3D visuals in an integrated environment. Also, it is a resolution-independent vector-based animation software which composes visuals corresponding to TV, videos, web, and feature film domains.

Combustion is a cost-effective software that provides basic to advanced features and gives high-quality output at a low cost. This software is used by different professionals like graphic designers, animators, visual effect artists, web designers, etc. and combustion helps them to produce outstanding VFX for a multitude of projects.

Advantages of Autodesk Combustion

Using Autodesk combustion you can produce multi workspace that can handle various projects like compositing, painting projects and visuals effects at the same time. The main advantage of combustion over other graphics software is that it allows the user to switch freely from 2D space to 3D space and managing the complexity of projects by using the layers window.

Features of Autodesk Combustion

Autodesk Combustion offers a wide range of features that make it a popular choice among professionals in the industry. Some of the key features include:

1. Combustion Masks

Combustion allows users to create and manipulate masks, which are essential for visual effects and compositing. With the help of masks, you can isolate specific parts of the visuals and apply effects to them.

2. Keying

Keying is one of the most important techniques in visual effects. Combustion provides advanced keying tools that allow users to remove or replace specific colors or backgrounds in their visuals.

3. Colour Correction

Combustion offers a range of color correction tools to enhance the visual appeal of your projects. You can adjust the colors, brightness, contrast, and other parameters to achieve the desired look.

4. Paint & Particles

With Combustion, you can add paint strokes and particles to your visuals for added creativity and impact. This feature allows you to create realistic effects like fire, smoke, and explosions.

5. Working with Layers

Combustion makes it easy to work with layers, allowing you to organize and manage the different elements of your visuals. You can easily arrange the order, opacity, and blending modes of the layers to create stunning effects.

6. Working with Alpha Channel

The alpha channel is a crucial component in compositing. Combustion provides tools to work with alpha channels, allowing you to seamlessly integrate elements from multiple sources into a single composition.

7. Layer Controls

Combustion offers a wide range of layer controls, including masking, blending modes, opacity, and layer effects. These controls give you full control over the appearance and behavior of your layers.

8. Animating Mask

Combustion allows you to animate masks, enabling you to create dynamic and eye-catching effects. You can animate the position, shape, and other properties of the masks to add motion to your visuals.

9. Advanced Keying

Combustion provides advanced keying techniques, such as Primatte Keyer, to achieve precise and accurate results. These tools make it easier to remove or replace backgrounds in complex visual compositions.

10. Bit Depth

Combustion supports high-bit-depth workflows, allowing you to work with images with greater color depth and detail. This ensures that your visuals look stunning and realistic, even in high-resolution formats.

11. Refine Tuning Shapes

Combustion offers tools to refine and fine-tune shapes, allowing you to create smooth and precise visuals. You can adjust the curves, corners, and other parameters of the shapes to achieve the desired look.

12. Stereoscopic Roto

Combustion allows you to work with stereoscopic footage, enabling you to create 3D visual effects and compositions. You can accurately place and position elements in 3D space to enhance the depth and realism of your visuals.

Why Choose Autodesk Combustion Training?

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Autodesk Combustion Training can help you enhance your skills and confidently work with this powerful software. With the help of this course, you will learn the basic to advanced features of combustion, allowing you to create stunning visuals and effects for various projects.

This training course covers a wide range of topics, including keying, color correction, layer controls, and advanced techniques like stereoscopic roto. All the features are explained with practical examples, making it easy for you to understand and implement them in your own projects.

Skills You Will Learn

By completing the Autodesk Combustion Training, you will gain the following skills:

1. Combustion Masks

Learn how to create and manipulate masks to isolate specific parts of your visuals.

2. Keying

Master the art of keying to remove or replace colors or backgrounds in your visuals.

3. Colour Correction

Gain proficiency in color correction techniques to enhance the visual appeal of your projects.

4. Paint & Particles

Discover how to add paint strokes and particles to your visuals for added creativity and impact.

5. Working with Layers

Learn how to effectively work with layers and organize the elements of your visuals.

Where Can You Apply Autodesk Combustion?

Autodesk Combustion can be applied across multiple domains, including:

1. TV

Create stunning motion graphics and visual effects for television shows and commercials.

2. Videos

Add high-quality effects and compositing to your videos for a professional look and feel.

3. Web

Enhance your web design projects with eye-catching visuals and animations.

4. Feature Film

Create impactful visual effects and compositing for feature films and cinematic projects.


Autodesk Combustion is a powerful software used by professionals in the industry to create stunning visuals and effects. With its wide range of features and capabilities, it offers endless possibilities for graphics designers, animators, and visual effects artists.

By enrolling in the Autodesk Combustion Training, you can enhance your skills and confidently work with this software. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from experts and improve your ability to produce outstanding VFX for a multitude of projects.

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