Advanced Amazon KDP: SEO Keyword Research to Rank Number ONE

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What you will learn :

1. Students looking for advanced SEO strategies to rank on the amazon KDP first search results page
2. You’ll learn about the Amazon A9 secret Algorithm used by Amazon to Rank Low content book listings and products
3. Master the secret to write a Persuasive book title, description and keywords to rank at the top of the search results
4. This course covers the Secrets SEO tricks and hacks to write the 7 Low content book Keywords to optimize your low content book listing for SEO for more sales
5. Tactics that I used to generate 6 figure Numbers from Amazon KDP and how you can use it to make easy money on Amazon KDP
6. You’ll learn how to Reverse engineer succesful competitor to write compelling book description, and to dramatically improve your ranking on Amazon
7. This course uncovers the secret to chose winning book categories to significantly improve your book ranking, and make more sales in return
8. We will show you how to use FREE as well as Premium tools to do keyword research and to analyse the competition
9. Quick and simple bluprint to improve your low or no content books BSR (Best selling rank) to make more sales
10. You’ll discover a secret method to find Hot Untapped niches and to make the most out of these niches
11. Make your Book available on the first results page for more sales with Amazon KDP SEO

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