Microsoft CEO reveals his mantra to 100% success.

Microsoft CEO

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Largest IT Service Provider.

Satya Narayana Nadella, the Chief Executive officer i.e., CEO and the Executive Chairman of the Largest IT services provider companyMicrosoft has revealed the key points which he followed in his early career to reach the state where he is.

Before going to what Satya Nadella(Microsoft CEO) said, let us take a look at his early life and career.

Microsoft CEO – Satya Narayan Nadella’s short biography

Business leader Satya Narayana Nadella (Microsoft CEO) was born on August 19, 1967, in the United States. He took over as Microsoft’s  CEO in 2014 and chairman in 2021, replacing John W. Thompson as chairman and Steve Ballmer as CEO. He led the creation and management of Microsoft’s computing platforms while serving as executive vice president of the company’s cloud and enterprise group prior to his appointment as CEO. In 2013, Nadella’s base salary was reportedly $669,167. Including stock bonuses, the total compensation stood at around $7.6 million.

Nadella has previously held the following positions (before becoming CEO):

  • the division’s president of servers and tools (9 February 2011 – February 2014)
  • Senior Vice President of Internet Services Division’s Research and Development (March 2007 – February 2011)
  • Executive Vice-President of Cloud and Enterprise Group Corporate Vice-President of Business Solutions and Search & Advertising Platform Group Vice-President of the Business Division

Nadella worked at Sun Microsystems as a member of its technology staff before joining Microsoft in 1992

Microsoft CEO.
Satya Narayan Nadella – Microsoft CEO.

Let us take a look at his educational career


Before earning a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Manipal Institute of Technology in Karnataka in 1988, Satya Nadella attended the Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet. After that, Nadella made the trip to the United States to pursue his MA in computer science at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where he graduated in 1990. He subsequently earned an MBA in 1997 from the University of Chicago Booth School of Management.

Now let us move to the most important part of the article – What you need to do to achieve what this man achieved?

On Saturday, March 25, 2023, he opened the conversation with a very strange statement. He claimed that although he valued his current position, he never had aspirations of leading Microsoft.

Nadella said becoming CEO “wasn’t just an idea” in his long-term career plan.

He highlighted that his goal at the time was to be the greatest at the job he had, and he added that one of the most significant life lessons he had learned was, “Don’t wait for your next job to do your best.”

He said, “There was never a time when I thought the job I’ve been doing – for 30 years at Microsoft – It was a way to do another job.” “I felt like the job I was doing there was the most important thing. I honestly felt that.”

According to him, one can only improve if they have this mindset and focus on what they are doing right now.

While he has overseen the creation of some complicated Microsoft products, such as Bing and Xbox Live, Nadella has had to continually adjust based on the teams he works with and the departments he leads, all while keeping up with quickly evolving technologies.

You can’t develop if you don’t think that what you do contributes to your progress, he continued.

Nadella climbed the corporate ladder adapting to fast changing market conditions and attributing his success to his growth mindset.

So, the ultimate lesson from this champion is, try to love what you do and try to do your best wherever you are. The place where he is simply the result of his dedication and hard work which he did and doing in Microsoft.

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