Here’s 7 Ways to Summon the Task Manager

task manager

‘Cause You Never Know When You May Need It!

Opening up the Task Manager on your PC isn’t the biggest,well, task, so to speak. However, in an event where the usual means won’t suffice, it might just pay off to know of any alternative ways to call it right up say, to end any unwanted task that might be bringing your PC’s performance down. So, here’s 7 surefire ways to summon the Task Manager!

CTRL+ALT+DEL…’Ol Reliable

New Menu, Same Ol’ Shortcut!

Up until Windows Vista, CTRL+ALT+DEL was how you brought up the Task Manager. However, starting with Windows 8 and all the way up to Window 10 doing so will pull up a menu called the Windows Security Screen. You can use it to invoke the Task Manager. They even threw in a couple of other features there for good measure, like Signing Out and Locking Your PC should you feel the need to. Pretty neat!


Hey, CTRL+ALT+DEL…Here Comes A New Challenger!

Assuming you’ve got a working keyboard, CTRL+SHIFT+ESCAPE brings your Task Manager right up front ‘n center! And as an added measure, it even works with the remote desktop feature, too. That’s something CTRL+ALT+DEL won’t do, since it ends up signaling your local machine instead. Not cool.

Windows+X Gon’ Give it to ya!

“This shortcut’s got the touch…it’s got the power…menu!”- Stan Bush, probably

Introduced in Windows 8, the Power User Menu is another reliable way to summon the Task Manager on your PC. The feature is available in Windows 10, too and can be invoked by the simple command shortcut Windows+X. When all else fails, it’d be wise to remember this one!

The Taskmaster

‘Cause Why Should Keyboards Have all the Fun!

Here’s where we switch gears and tackle a different, easy-as-pie shortcut to bring up the Task Manager. Using your mouse, just right click on the Taskbar at the bottom of your computer screen and it’ll bring up a menu where you can invoke the Task Manager.

Using the “taskmgr” from the Start/Run Menu

Why Use Many Words when Few Words do the Trick?
Run, PC, Run!

You can use the Start Menu search box to bring up the Task Manager as well. The executable file name for the Task Manager is “taskmgr.exe”, and you can alternatively use the “Run” function to find and run it, too! To do so, just hit Windows+R and type the same thing in there, as well.

Finding taskmgr in the File Explorer

If you’re curious as to where the Task Manager resides on your PC and would like to fire it up like the rest of your apps, you can seek out the executable file directly yourself. Simply navigate to the below mentioned directory:


Once you’re in System32 of your C:Drive just use the search bar or cycle through the files starting with the letter “T” by tapping the key on your keyboard until it highlights the Task Manager for you. Not too shabby!

When all else Fails…Create a Shortcut!

I Guess One Shortcut Can Make A Difference..’Nuff Said

If you feel like you won’t remember most of these but you still wanna keep your Task Manager handy with you for those times of need, just create a shortcut! While your Task Manager is open, head on down to the taskbar and right click on it and click on “Pin to taskbar“. After that, your trusty Task Manager will always be but a click away.

And just like that, we’ve reached the end of our list, and either way you slice it, there’s 7 ways to summon the Task Manager!
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