Zero to Hero Bootstrap5 Mastery Course [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

In this course, you will learn to develop any kind of website using HTML and Bootstrap. We will start the course by learning about some new features of Bootstrap5 and with that we will start making our website. First, we will add the CDN link for CSS and Javascript then we will see that how Bootstrap5 has removed JQuery and replaced it with Javascript. Then start making our different sections of the website, firstly we will make the NavBar then a beautifull Carousel section, then we will head on to make the About Us section, My journey Section using different card logic from Bootstrap5, then Services Section, Gallery Section, Offers Section, Contact Us Section and lastly Footer Section. In this video we will learn about the new concepts of Bootstrap5 like Gutters, Tooltip, Scrollspy, Grid system. And at he end we will also have a overview of all the components that we have build and check if our website is fully responsive or not. And Also we will see the use of Javascript logic that wil make our components dynamically accepting values. We will also learn to make a single page for a component and keep the contents in their respective links.

What you'll learn :

1. You will learn about the new features and concepts that Bootstarp5 has bought for us.
2. You will learn how to use Navs, Forms, Grid, Flexbox, Container, Row, Column, Buttons, Tab Menu, Margin, Padding and much more
3. You will learn how we can make fully responsive websites with Bootstrap5
4. Your will learn about Gutters, Scrollspy and toasts concepts
5. You will learn to use Google fonts and Font Awesome icons in this course
6. You will learn how to use CDN links of CSS and Javascript and Bootstrap.
7. You will learn how Bootstrap5 has removed JQuery and replaced it with Javascript.

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