WordPress Theme Development for Themeforest with Elementor

Hassine Riani

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Note: this is a backend PHP course for WordPress


Welcome to WordPress Theme Development with Elementor: For Themeforest. This course is very special, it allows you to know the secrets of WordPress Theming. Especially if you plan to sell on markets like ThemeForest or WordPress’s official website.

So in this course, I will help you Be a professional WordPress theme developer. We will convert by the end of this course a full HTML CSS bootstrap template into a functional WordPress theme with the standards of Themeforest.

So after completing this course, you will be able to convert any bootstrap template to a fully functional WordPress theme using various technologies such as Custom post types, and you will be able to build Your Widgets of Elementor page Builder.

What we will cover in this course?

Firstly, we will be covering for the first sections how to deal with Elementor developers’ documentation and their philosophy to see things of the MVC model. So we will see Multiples controllers, and we will see how to render them step by step.

So we will be getting familiar with Elementor widgets development, we will see how to create a new widget of Elementor, and see how to create custom widget categories.

We will manipulate each and every control type of Elementor controller, how to render them the right way.

The second part of the course will be a practical example, Clark’s One-page theme creation from scratch.

So we will see how to do the right installation of underscores basic theme, and how to enqueue styles and scripts of theme the right way, and believe this is not always easy and trivial. We will be adding menu support …

After that, we have a crucial step which is Elementor add-on creation and the code behind widgets configurations .also, we will enqueue styles and JS for widgets this time .and after that we will be creating Clark-slider widget; so we will be adding controls and making the render of our widget step by step, adding multiple options also to make our widget professional .making the styling functions of our widget .in order to allow our users the modifications of colors and typography, etc.

Moreover, we will be creating several widgets almost twelve widgets including the Clark slider; we will list Heading, about, Resume, services, skills, projects, price, blog, counter, hire, contact, etc … and we will add controllers for each and every widget created, render them step by step, the style most of them…

Into the final chapters, we will be creating and rendering the footer with the ACF pro plugin and using native widgets of WordPress Gutenberg, last but not least we will create a small plugin in order to bundle our custom post type of projects, we will make the

implementation of TGM functionality to deliver all our plugins when we install our theme. We will make integration as usual of one click demo importer plugin the right way with the right implementations.

In the end, we will have almost a ready theme for ThemeForest, and you will be able to develop your own themes

What exactly are you going to learn?

We will start with the basics. You’ll learn how to install WordPress the right way. And that’s something not everyone knows how to do (trust me!). And, step by step, we will dive into more interesting topics.

You’ll learn things like:

How to integrate the theme with Bootstrap—any versionInner template files and essential WordPress pagesNative functions and tools that bring the entire mechanism of the theme to lifeHow to read Elementor developers’ documentation to convert any Bootstrap template with the Creation of your widgets.

And much more… You’ll also learn how to handle some specialized tools and APIs, like:

ACF and custom post types in general, you will create your CPT and make them editable with advanced custom fields ACF and ACF pro. And that for the Footer section.The powerful TGM Plugin Activation library. If you intend to redistribute your work, TGM will help you package all your plugins with the theme.And finally, you’ll also learn how to make one demo importer and a simple plugin for all your CPT “custom post types”

We will provide the initial HTML and CSS template that we will convert step by step and of course the final project or theme in the resources.

How is the course different?

The course’s uniqueness is its versatility in its benefits. It offers a comprehensive 65 lectures, carefully classified into sections, leaving no topic untouched. More than 20 Hours.

The best part is my eagerness to assist you 24/7. Solving your query sooner than possible is my priority. The excellent response time allows you to follow your own pace in your project.

So join me right now. I can promise you this will be a journey that will change your professional career for good!

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What you will learn :

1. You will be Able to Create Custom WordPress Themes from Scratch
2. Know How to gain time with underscore prebuild Basic Theme and Knowing how to make the necessary modifications in order to have a pro Theme
3. Enqueue styles and Scripts the right way for the Theme
4. Master how WordPress works behind the scenes
5. Work with WordPress theme Custom Post Types and Advanced Custom Fields for the Footer and projects CPT
6. Write Custom WordPress Functions
7. Know how to read the documentation of elementor developers
8. Create custom made Elementor Widgets using the documentation of developers elementor
9. Convert any Bootstrap section to widget using controllers of elementor developers
10. Make the rendering of any elementor widgets with the necessary functions of WordPress and elementor premade functions
11. Modify and implement the WordPress loop
12. Customize WordPress themes
13. Make a custom Plugin for Custom post types of your themes
14. Make a Demo import “One Click demo importer ” Like a pro
15. Bundle all plugins using TGM plugin
16. Create A One page professional Theme that meet to standards of Themeforest

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