Web Development Masterclass – Complete Certificate Course [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

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What you'll learn :

1. Understand the essentials of Local and Wide Area Networks
2. Setup a basic network.
3. Register a domain name with Domain Privacy
4. Forward a domain, renew and administer a domain
5. Configure Nameservers and DNS Zone Files
6. Create and Configure a Testing server on a Local Windows or MAC System.
7. Configure a Production web server on popular cloud hosting platforms.
8. Create disk backups and install disk images on a virtual server
9. Setup Ubuntu on a Virtual Machine
10. Install and configure WAMP for Windows
11. Install and configure MAMP for MAC
12. Administer a remote server using PuTTY or Terminal
13. Proficiently navigate the Linode Virtual Server Dashboard
14. Configure Security Settings on a Virtual Ubuntu Server
15. Scale a virtual server up and down depending on needs
16. Install LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, PhpMyAdmin) on a local and remote server
17. Setup users and access privileges on an Ubuntu server
18. Upload files using FileZilla FTP Client
19. Proficiently Program in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, and AJAX
20. Create mobile responsive web applications using Bootstrap
21. Create unique animated objects using jQuery
22. Create and administer MySQL databases using PhpMyAdmin
23. Create Web-based Login Authentication using PHP and MySQL
24. Create the famous “Google Search Suggest” Feature using AJAX and PHP
25. Create server and client side validation algorithms for web forms.
26. Use Google Apps for Work to setup a customized business email address

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