Ultra-Fast WordPress Speed With 10Web WordPress Web Hosting [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

This course will show you these things:

How to speed up your website to a 90+ website speed score on any WordPress hosting How to use 10Web hosting to get a 99+ score on your website speed How to set up a new WordPress website on ultra-fast and affordable hostingCase studies of SEO traffic rising after boosting the website speedIntroductory tutorials for how to create your website from scratch using Elementor (Note: this is only an Elementor introduction, but not a full Elementor course)How to manually optimize any website whether it’s WordPress or an HTML website written by hand


If your website is faster, Google will rank it higher, and you will get more traffic. Plus, the traffic that does come to your website will engage more and buy more because people engage more with faster websites.


In the course you’ll see the before and after of my own website which had a mediocre site speed score prior to using the 10Web WordPress plugin, and after the 10Web WordPress plugin was installed.

After the WordPress plugin was installed, without any extra work, my website got a 90+ website speed score. Just a couple of weeks later, traffic began spiking up. I walk you through all that with screen sharing in the course so you see how to do the same thing for your website.


Many online entrepreneurs just get the cheapest hosting. That’s shared hosting, and shared hosting is typically slow because it is shared with other websites on the same server. In this course, I show you how to get managed cloud hosting that’s super fast. So for just a few extra dollars, you will set yourself up for success.

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What you'll learn :

1. Create an ultra-fast WordPress website
2. Learn about different kinds of website hosting, which are cheap and which are fast
3. Learn how to optimize the front-end of any website
4. Get a 90+ website speed score in minutes
5. Get s 99 website speed score when using Web10 hosting

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