The Sales Revolution

Marcus Corah

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What you will learn :

1. The Sales Revolution is a complete sales system designed to grow your sales in 2022 and beyond
2. Beginner to advanced strategies.
3. Learn how you can build rapport in meetings, phone calls, documents, in groups and in your presentations
4. Stop selling on price.
5. Understand why relying on your features and benefits to sell is the weakest way to sell your product or service
6. Discover how to unlock the deep Emotional Desires your customers are looking to fulfil with your product or service
7. How to elicit and attach your prospects Emotional Desires to your product, service or idea
8. How to structure your proposals, pitches or phone calls is a compelling why so your prospects are more likely to buy form you
9. Overcome every objection quickly and easily with these powerful objection handling tools
10. Discover the Sales Secrets I’ve shared with some of the biggest brands on the planet

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