The RedTeam Blueprint – A Unique Guide To Ethical Hacking

Brandon Dennis

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What you will learn :

1. 300+ HD Videos
2. 180+ Hands on Exercises
3. 400+ Topics
4. 30+ Hours of Content
5. How a Red Team Works at a Silicon Valley Company
6. Building out your own Red Team at a large organization
7. High Level and Low Level Crash Course on Windows Operating System Internals
8. High Level and Low Level Crash Course on Linux Operating System Internals
9. How the Kernel, Memory and the CPU work
10. Beginner to Intermediate Networking
11. How compiled programs work
12. Full Guide to Python Programming
13. Full Guide to Assembly Programing and Manual Shellcode Generation
14. How Penetration Tests Actually Work and their Methodologies
15. How and What Kerberos is
16. Building, Managing and Attacking an Enterprise Active Directory Infrastructure
17. The ability to scope out a Ethical Hacking Assessment at Silicon Valley Scale
18. Building out Finding Reports and designing them for the right audience
19. Being able to speak to Executives and Leadership at large organizations
20. Passive and Active Reconnaissance tools and Techniques
21. Real World Up to Date Exploitation Techniques
22. Post Exploitation Techniques
23. Custom Fix of Public Exploit Code
24. The ability to creatively deploy persistence and backdoor binaries
25. Living of the Land and Moving Laterally across the network
26. Password Cracking
27. Full Guide on Job Hunting in Silicon Valley

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