The Complete Microsoft SharePoint MasterClass

Jan Ekhteyari

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What you will learn :

1. What is SharePoint
2. Free Plans vs Paid Plans in Microsoft SharePoint
3. You Need a Microsoft Account For SharePoint
4. Registration of Domain in Microsoft SharePoint
5. Domain Configuration in Microsoft SharePoint
6. Microsoft SharePoint Dashboard and Admin Panel
7. Microsoft SharePoint Environment
8. Two Type Website in Microsoft SharePoint
9. Inviting Someone to Your Website in SharePoint
10. Login Process of Invited User at Microsoft Share Point
11. Share Point Website Environment
12. SharePoint Webiste Menu Bar
13. Team Site Creation in SharePoint
14. Menu Edit Options in SharePoint
15. Adding Section in Share Point Team Site
16. Insert Option in SharePoint
17. Inserting Image in Team Site Share Point
18. Inserting Text in Team Site Share Point
19. Inserting File Viewer in Share Point Team Site
20. Inserting A Link In SharePoint Team Site
21. How to embed In SharePoint Team Site
22. High Lighted Content in Share Point Team Site
23. Audience Targeting in SharePoint Team Site
24. How to insert Bingo Map In SharePoint Team Site
25. Adding Call to Action In SharePoint Team Site
26. Adding Hero in SharePoint Team Site
27. Text, Media and Content Tools in Share Point
28. Adding Document Library in Share Point Team Site
29. How to Add List in Share Point Team Site
30. Adding List Properties in Share Point Team Site
31. Page Properties in SharePoint Team Site
32. Quick Links adding in SharePoint Team Site
33. Discovery and Collaboration Tools
34. Discovery and Collaboration Tools (cont.)
35. Conversation in SharePoint Team Site
36. Document Tab in Share Point Team Site
37. How to Insert List in SharePoint Team Site
38. Creating Page and Managing It on Share Point Site
39. Creating Document Library on SharePoint Team Site
40. Creating App in SharePoint Team Site
41. Creating Subsite in SharePoint
42. Recycle bin in Team site
43. Communication Site Creation
44. Communication Topics Site Creation
45. Admin Center in Share Point
46. Admin Center Menus
47. Admin Center Top Bar Menu
48. Admin Center of Microsoft SharePoint for Adding User
49. Account Overview in SharePoint Website
50. Security Info in Share Point Website
51. Account Settings in SharePoint (cont.)
52. Office Account in SharePoint
53. Microsoft Teams Practically
54. Microsoft Free and Paid Plans
55. Function of Microsoft Teams
56. Microsoft Account Registration
57. Microsoft Teams Configuration
58. Microsoft Teams Desktop App
59. Microsoft Mobile App
60. Creating Org in Microsoft Team
61. Creating Teams and Channels in Org of Microsoft Teams
62. The Core Part of Microsoft Teams
63. Org, Teams and Channels Settings
64. Create, Add Users and Manage a Team
65. Complete Guide of Meeting Set-up
66. Collaborate with Teams
67. Schedule Team Meetings
68. Chat Management
69. Activity Management
70. Calls Management
71. Files Management
72. Microsoft Teams Settings
73. Privacy Settings
74. Notification Settings
75. Device Settings
76. Permission Settings
77. Call Settings
78. Search Options
79. Microsoft Office Essentials
80. YouTube Apps in Microsoft Teams
81. Trello Apps – Stay on Top of Your Task List by Automatically Creating, Updating and Organizing Them in Trello
82. Wiki Tab Is Your Notes, on A Channel Level, that Includes a Hierarchy of Sections Within Listed Pages
83. OneNote The digital note-taking app for your devices
84. Polly Offers a Native Integration in Microsoft Teams to Foster Collaboration and Productivity
85. Karma as Daily Appreciation, Recognition and Rewards in Microsoft Teams
86. Powerful Password Creations for You and Your Users

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