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Structural Query Language (SQL) is used for accessing, manipulating, and communicating with the database. Almost every function such as retrieving data from the database, creating a new database, manipulating data and databases such as insertion, deletion and updation can be performed using SQL. It is a user-friendly and domain-specific language.

Need of SQL :

It is widely used in the Business Intelligence tool. Data Manipulation and data testing are done through SQL. Data Science tools depend highly on SQL. Big data tools such as Spark, Impala are dependent on SQL. It is one of the demanding industrial skills.Large amount of data is retrieved quickly and efficiently. Operations like Insertion, deletion, manipulation of data is also done in almost no time.For data retrieval, large number of lines of code is not required. All basic keywords such as SELECT, INSERT INTO, UPDATE, etc are used and also the syntactical rules are not complex in SQL, which makes it a user-friendly language

SQL has many advantages which makes it popular and highly demanded. It is a reliable and efficient language used for communicating with the database.

This SQL training course from Infinite Skills teaches you how to use SQL to manage data that is held in relational databases. This training course is designed for beginners who have no previous experience with SQL of any kind. You will start by learning how to use SQL (Structured Query Language) to select and filter data from a database, including sorting the data, filtering date columns, and working with null or empty values.

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What you will learn :

1. Modeling a System
2. SQL Overview
3. The Major Components of SQL
4. System Development Overview
5. Balancing Performance and Correctness

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