The Beginner’s guide to Advanced C coding in Linux

dr Jonas “CCIE” Birch

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-Why should you learn how to code C?

It makes you a better programmer – in all languages.C is the mother of all languages, almost all other programming languages are based on C. By learning the “basement”, you improve the ceiling and the entire structure.It looks really good on your resumé/CV.Most programmers (and their bosses) know that people who code C, are mostly better coders in any language. It makes your job application or freelance bid stand out from the crowd in a positive way.It makes you a better sysadmin.You can be a good sysadmin without knowing how to code but if you aim to be great at Linux, then you must know how to code C. Most Linux software (and most of Linux itself) is written in C. If you want to understand the system in depth, then learning C is your best option.It improves your general knowledge of computers.In order to write advanced C code you must understand the hardware. C is very connected to the hardware. There are no classes or objects or any other filtered layers between you and your hardware. You manipulate the RAM directly with your pointers and you execute kernel system calls in direct contact with the operating system. By learning advanced C, you learn to understand the OS and your computer’s hardware.

-Why learn C from dr Jonas Birch and not from the other ten Udemy instructors?

Experience in the C language.When dr Birch was 18 years old and had been coding C for five years, he was traveling all over Europe, invited to different coding and security conferences, giving lectures about C and security. Since then he has coded C almost every day – for an additional 20 years!Experience in teaching.dr Birch has been teaching the C language (live) almost full time the last six years, helping hundreds and hundreds of students learn the mother of all languages – in Linux.Very soothening voice and amazing sound quality.dr Birch has a very dark, relaxing voice which is very easy to listen to (a really underestimated feature). He is recording in a professional recording studio with enterprise level microphone and equipment, which makes for a very good listening experience.

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What you will learn :

1. Learn the basics of the Linux operating system
2. Move on to the advanced features of Linux
3. Learn the basics of programming in C
4. Learn how to write advanced C code for the Linux operating system
5. Learn how to create advanced internet services, like writing your own web server
6. Learn how to write secure code

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