Spanish Immersion [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

Reinaldo Cruz, Yineth Serrano

What you'll learn :

1. In this level you will learn basic but important topics to kick-off your learning experience, such as: The alphabet Pronouns Greetings Congratulations Presenting yourself and presenting someone else Give your opinion, ask for someone’s opinion, agree or disagree A number of situations related to your daily life (e.g. time, days of the week, months, fruits, flavors, colors)
2. we will focus on pronunciation. We know this might not sound as entertaining, but it is key to know how to pronounce Spanish. We will provide very practical exercises to build and pronounce words.
3. This level will cover parts of the sentence, nouns, verbs, articles, adjectives and adverbs (including practical exercises).
4. In this level we will learn the different kinds of pronouns and their usage, including exercises.
5. In this level we will learn basic grammar rules, types of sentences and more exercises.
6. This level includes vocabulary on parts of your house and furniture.
7. In this level we will learn to express feelings and preferences.
8. This level will cover different parts of the body.
9. We will learn in this level time and daily life expressions.
10. This level will focus on basic maths and other related topics.
11. In this level we will learn how to describe people, their mood and physical appearance.
12. We will cover outdoor and recreational activities (e.g. park, the movies, museums, partying, the zoo, sports, traveling, hobbies) in this level.
13. In this level we will visit my country, Colombia. We will learn about its culture, tourist sites, its economy, gastronomy, fun activities and much more.
14. In this level we will sing latin songs.

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