Solidworks Basic to Industrial Level Certification

Ganesh Kadam

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In this solidworks course we are going to learn solidworks from scratch an our goal is to be a master in solidworks. This course is in Hindi so it’s very easy to understand logic of command and easily understand the problem while we face during the project. At the completion of the course you definitely mention the solidworks in your resume. And you are able to make and design anything.

Course contain:-

About Kings Engineering.Introduction of Solidworks.Interface of Solidworks.Sketch tool in solidworksFeature tool in solidworksAll missing tools and commands Industrial project overview (Open type dust collection system) in solidworksPart 01 : Stand designing (Base of the project) in solidworksPart 02 : Bag filter (To collect the dust) in solidworksPart 03 : Bend pipe (Changing the direction of flow) in solidworksPart 04 : Flexible pipe (Inlet section of dust) in solidworksPart 05 : Convergent pipe (Convert rectangular pipe to circular pipe) in solidworksPart 06 : Joint and Inlet hood (Provide large area to sucks the dust) in solidworksPart 07 : Motor Enclosure (To reduce noise of the motor) in solidworksPart 08 : Centrifugal pump (Creating vacuum) in solidworksPart 09 : Motor (To provide motion to the centrifugal pump) in solidworksPart 10 : Impeller (Create pressure and flow) in solidworksAssembly 01 : Assembly of motor and centrifugal pump. in solidworksAssembly 02 :Final assembly of a project. in solidworks Advance point 01 : Animation of a project. in solidworks Advance point 02 : Simulation (Static load study) in solidworks

********************************************* solidwork in hindi **************************************

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What you will learn :

1. Solidworks basic tools
2. How to design indstrual project
3. Industrial dust cleaner with help of bag filter
4. How beginner thinks and How professional thinks
5. Some advance point like simulation,animation,flow study

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