SOLAR COURSE for Beginners of Solar Energy- [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

Jatinder Pal Singh

What you'll learn :

1. Why you should adopt Solar Energy Environmental Aspect of Solar Plants
2. How to Plan and Design your own Grid-Tied PV System
3. Difference between off-grid system and on-grid system, how to select the appropriate system as per the application
4. Know the various Solar components to determine the correct components and requirements
5. Types of Solar PV System- PV System and Thermal System
6. Learn the important designing tips, such as best Tilt angle for the Solar PV Panels, best direction for the panels, inter-row spacing between the 2 rows etc
7. Determine the correct mounting structure for your Solar Pants based on the type of installation as per your rooftop.
8. Get the thumb rules on your tips for Average generation from a Solar Plant, avg area requirement and ROI period for your Solar Plant with the help of examples.
9. Know about the Civil work requirement for the mounting of Solar structures. Dead Weight calculations for the Solar Equipments.
10. Different types of installation possible with a Solar PV system to cater for the different applications.
11. Understand the detailed benefits of the Solar Power Plants in a detailed manner,
12. Calculate the savings from your Solar Power Plant and determine the ROI period with the help of examples.
13. Learn the different financial models prevailing in the Solar industry, OPEX Model, CAPEX model, Self-finance Model. Comparative to select the appropriate model.
14. Understand the mechanism of complex Net Metering with the help of clear examples factoring Import and Export of the energy.
15. Monitoring needs of the Solar Power Plant and how you can enhance the returns with effective monitoring.
16. How to calculate the equivalent number of Trees for a Solar Plant and reduced carbon emission.
17. Motivate yourself to contribute your bit to the environment.

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