R Programming : Data Analysis and Visualisations using R

Chetan Pujari, Shrishti Singh

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What you will learn :

1. Master the use of the R and R Studio interactive environment
2. How to download R programming language and R Studio IDE
3. Getting familiar with the Console, Script, Environment, Help, and Plots panels.
4. Understanding different data types in R
5. How to create, manipulate and work with different data types like Vectors, Matrices, Lists, Arrays, and Data frames.
6. Installing and loading the Packages in the R environment.
7. Reading and writing various Data Files like CSV, Xls, XML, JSON, xlsx, txt.
8. Using various functions associated with the data frames and performing data manipulation on the data frames/files.
9. Performing data Transformation and data analysis on the data files and data frames.
10. Getting familiar with the packages: ggplot2, tidyverse, dplyr, plotly
11. How to load and work upon various datasets which are native to R.
12. Performing data visualization by creating various plots.
13. learn to draw plots in R studio: Pie Charts, Bar Charts, Box plots, Histograms, Line Graphs, Scatter Plots.
14. Learn how to draw some advanced plots like Density charts, Bubble plots, lollipop charts, 3D charts in R studio
15. How to perform Data Analysis and Visualization using R in R studio.
16. Install External Libraries to Power up R
17. Compute Basic Statistics about a Dataset
18. Develop your own Functions in R

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