Python Data Visualization Masterclass for Beginners to Pros

Python Data Visualization Masterclass featuring colorful charts and graphs

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Course : Data Visualization in Python Masterclass™: Beginners to Pro

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Are you ready to start your path to becoming a Data Scientist!

KGP Talkie brings you free Udemy coupon for an all-in-one course on data visualization. Learn all kinds of data visualization techniques with practical datasets.

This comprehensive course will be your guide to learning how to use the power of Python to analyze data and create beautiful visualizations!

This is a very unique course where you will learn EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis) on Kaggle’s Boston Housing, Titanic, and Latest Covid-19 Datasets, Text Dataset, IPL Cricket Matches of all seasons, and FIFA World Cup matches with real and practical examples.

Data Scientist has been ranked the number one job on Glassdoor, and the average salary of a data scientist is over $110,000 in the United States and all over the world according to Indeed! Data Science is a rewarding career that allows you to solve some of the world’s most interesting problems!

This course is designed for both beginners with some programming experience or experienced developers looking to make the jump to Data Science!

This comprehensive course is comparable to other Data Science bootcamps that usually cost thousands of dollars, but now you can learn all that information at a fraction of the cost! With over 200+ Full HD video lectures and detailed code notebooks for every lecture, this is one of the most comprehensive courses on Data Visualization in Python.

We’ll teach you how to program with Python, how to analyze and create amazing data visualizations with Python! You can use this course as your ready-to-go reference for your own project.

Topics Covered in this Data Visualization Course:

  • Programming with Python
  • NumPy with Python
  • Using Pandas Data Frames to solve complex tasks
  • Use Pandas to Files
  • Use Matplotlib and Seaborn for data visualizations
  • Use Plotly and Cufflinks for interactive visualizations
  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) of Boston Housing Dataset
  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) of Titanic Dataset
  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) of the Latest Covid-19 Dataset
  • and much, much more!

This Data Visualization course in Python can help data scientists in several ways:

  • It can help them gain a deeper understanding of how to effectively communicate data insights using visualizations.
  • It can teach them how to use Python libraries specifically designed for data visualization, making it easier for them to create visualizations in their own data analysis projects.
  • It can also provide them with hands-on experience working with real-world data sets, allowing them to practice creating visualizations and improve their skills.
  • It can also teach them to create interactive visualizations which can be used to create dashboards and reports, which can be shared with stakeholders.
  • It can also help them to create visualizations that can convey more information in less space, making it more effective and efficient.

Overall, this course can help data scientists become more proficient in creating effective and engaging data visualizations, which can be used to communicate their data insights more effectively.

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What you will learn :

1. Learn Complete Exploratory Data Analysis on the Latest Covid-19 Dataset
2. Learn EDA on Kaggle’s Boston Housing and Titanic Datasets
3. Learn IPL Cricket Matches and FIFA World Cup Matches Analysis and Visualization
4. Learn Data Visualization by Plotly and Cufflinks, Seaborn, matplotlib, and Pandas
5. Learn Interactive plots and visualization
6. Installation of python and related libraries.
7. Covid-19 Data Visualization
8. Covid-19 Dataset Analysis and Visualization in Python
9. Data Science Visualization with Covid-19
10. Use the Numpy and Pandas in data manipulation
11. Learn Complete Text Data EDA
12. Create a variety of charts, Bar Charts, Line Charts, Stacked Charts, Pie Charts, Histograms, KDE plots, Violinplots, Boxplots, Auto Correlation plots
13. Learn Data Analysis by Pandas.
14. Use the Pandas module with Python to create and structure data.
15. Customize graphs, modifying colors, lines, fonts, and more
16. Basic concepts of data visualization and its importance in data analysis
17. How to use Python libraries such as Matplotlib, Seaborn, and Plotly to create various types of charts and plots

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