Python Crash Course for Absolute Beginners 2024

Python Crash Course for Absolute Beginners 2024

Haris Iftikhar

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Course : Python Crash Course for Absolute Beginners 2024

This course is well-crafted for Beginners as well as those who want to further improve in Python.

?In this course, I’m going to get you started in programming in the most popular language in the tech industry, Python!?

Honestly, after this course, you’ll become confident as ever in Python and will be writing code on your own!?‍?

Python is spreading like wildfire? and the job demands are pretty high.??

?If you’re trying to get a job or trying to automate your life, learning Python with me is the best option for you!

Python is very powerful and also easy to learn!

?My name is Haris and I’m a software developer with boatloads of experience

and I’ll be your instructor for this amazing Python Crash

Course.? I’ve taught many people how to code!

Before starting, I want you to follow me on my different channels so that I’ll be able to reach out to even more aspiring people, which will motivate me to create even more courses in the future!

For this course, I wanted to focus on Python. Python is the most popular language by far. Wherever there’ll be ML or AI, there’ll be Python associated.

?So with all of that out of the way, let’s up the ante and start writing some code!?

?Let the coding begin!

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What you will learn :

1. Python Programming
2. Logical Thinking
3. Build Hands-on Projects

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