Python Bootcamp 2023: (Kids Fun + Job Preparation)

Ibrahim Mukherjee

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In a kingdom far far away lived a wizard who didn’t know his powers as of yet! Join us on a journey to discovering the magical kingdom to find discover the hidden powers and cast spells with ideas and logic.

Join our Wizard on a magical journey of learning programming with mythical creatures as your guide! In this fun and interactive course, your child will learn the basics of coding while casting spells and summoning mythical creatures. From creating spells with code to solving puzzles with mythical creatures, your child will learn how to use programming concepts to harness the power of the magic of code.

The course is designed for kids aged 8-12 (and grown ups who haven’t quite grown up yet!) and requires no prior programming experience. Using the Python programming language, kids will learn programming concepts such as loops, conditional statements, data structures, algorithms, and functions while exploring the magical world.

Are you ready to learn about goblins and fairies, pixies and leprechauns, play with unicorns and ride mythical beasts who journey with you on this magnificent quest?

Who you will meet along the way :-

a. A rabbit who likes clocks and time.

b. Little Red Riding Hood.


3. Ogres who get angry when you don’t do their bidding.

5. Fairies who take you to hidden treasures.

6. A smokeless fire.

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What you will learn :

1. Learn to think in code
2. Learn to create new programs
3. Basics of Programming
4. Variable Types
5. Lists
6. Functions
7. If Statements
8. Loops
9. Creativity
10. Decision Making
11. Learning how to write code
12. Have Fun with programming
13. Get excited about programming
14. Learn to think outside the box
15. Learn social skills

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