Learn to Run Python in Your Browser’s HTML – PyScript Fundamentals 101

Learn to Run Python in Your Browser's HTML - PyScript Fundamentals 101

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Course : PyScript Fundamentals 101- Run Python in your Browser’s HTML

Are you a data scientist or a developer who mostly uses Python? Are you jealous of developers who write Javascript code and build fancy websites in a browser? How nice would it be if we could write websites in Python?

Introduction to PyScript Fundamentals

Python has grown in popularity immensely in recent years. It has a wide range of applications, from its most popular use in Artificial Intelligence, to Data Science, Robotics, and Scripting. But In the web development field, Python is used mainly on the backend with frameworks such as Django and Flask.

Before now, Python didn’t have much support on the front-end side like other languages such as JavaScript. But thankfully, this year, during the PyCon 2022 conference, Peter Wang (CEO of Anaconda) announced a framework named PyScript that allows you to use Python on the web using standard HTML.

So, The only missing piece to make Python a universal programming language is here !

What is PyScript?

Think of PyScript as the “Minecraft of software development”: Users crafting their own worlds (applications) or new blocks and mods (components and widgets), and sharing them with the world.

This is the exciting beginning for supporting new ways of programming, building, sharing, and deploying applications. PyScript is a game changer and in this course we will learn everything about this awesome new tech skill – the basics, the setup, and coding in PyScript.

Benefits of Learning PyScript Fundamentals

Top Reasons why you should choose this Course :

  1. This course is designed keeping in mind the students from all backgrounds – hence we cover everything from basics and gradually progress towards advanced topics.
  2. Complete Code Snippets are shared that are used in Lectures.
  3. This course can be completed over a Weekend.
  4. Wonderful collection of useful resources are shared, that will be updated frequently.
  5. All Doubts will be answered.

A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this PyScript 101 course.

Exploring PyScript Fundamentals

Now that we have introduced PyScript and its benefits, let’s delve deeper into the fundamentals of PyScript programming.

Setting Up PyScript

Before you can start coding in PyScript, you need to set up your development environment. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Download and install the latest version of PyScript from the official website.
  2. Ensure that you have Python installed on your system.
  3. Open your favorite code editor and create a new project folder.
  4. Link the PyScript library to your project.
  5. Start coding in PyScript!

Basic Syntax and Structure of PyScript

Similar to writing HTML, PyScript utilizes tags to structure and format the code. Here is an example of a basic PyScript template:

<title>My PyScript Website</title>
<h1>Welcome to my PyScript Website!</h1>
<p>This is a paragraph in PyScript.</p>

Adding Python Scripts to PyScript

One of the key features of PyScript is the ability to include Python scripts directly in the HTML code. This allows you to dynamically generate content and interact with the user. Here is an example of using a Python script within a PyScript template:

<title>My PyScript Website</title>
<h1>Welcome to my PyScript Website!</h1>
<h2>Current date and time:</h2>
<script type="text/python">
import datetime
now = datetime.datetime.now()
print(f"The current date and time is: {now}")

Benefits of Using PyScript

By using PyScript in your web development projects, you can leverage the power of Python while working on the front-end. Some of the benefits of using PyScript include:

  • Easier integration of backend and front-end code
  • Reduced development time
  • Improved code readability
  • Better code maintainability
  • Access to a vast ecosystem of Python libraries and frameworks


In conclusion, PyScript is a groundbreaking framework that allows developers to write websites using Python. With its intuitive syntax and seamless integration with HTML, PyScript offers a new and exciting way to build web applications. By learning PyScript fundamentals, you can enhance your Python skills and expand your career opportunities in web development. Enroll in our PyScript Fundamentals course today and unlock the potential of this amazing technology!

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What you will learn :

1. Using PyScript to create Python based Web Applications like Dashboards, Apps etc
2. Various PyScript Tags and Methods
3. Working with Built in and External Python Libraries
4. Create REPL like Interface with a single line of Code
5. Bar, Line, Bokeh Charts using PyScript

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