Programming the Microcontroller using MikroC PRO for PIC

Hayder Almahdawi

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This is a completed course explaining all the things about MicroC PRO for PIC Microcontroller… starting from downloading and Installing the software, General overview for the software, then explaining the main tools which can help us to be familiar with the software.

Teaching you the main functions so that you will be able to start writing the codes in the program.

Then going to the examples which are the best way to deliver the different ideas to you.

And our practical section will be the Proteus professional program …. will help us to test our software in the Microcontroller with its components.

What is a MikroC PRO for PIC?

MikroC Pro is an Embedded-C compiler that allows you to convert a code written in C language to machine language. MikroC Pro for Pic is used for pic microcontroller programming in c. Before learning how to program pic microcontroller in c, let first get the basic introduction on microcontrollers and pic microcontrollers. After that you will be easily able to understand pic microcontroller programming.

What is a PIC Microcontroller?

The PIC Microcontrollers is a small computer in a single integrated circuit containing a processor core, memory and programmable I/O peripherals. Program memory in the form of NOR flash is also often included on chip, as well as a typical small amount of RAM. PIC Microcontrollers are designed for embedded applications in contrast to the microprocessors used in personal computers or other general purpose applications.

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What you will learn :

1. Have a wide introduction about the MicroC PRO for PIC, and how to deal with all the sittings as well as the tools.
2. Learn how to Download and install the Program
3. Take some knowledge about the Proteus Program.
4. Will have a strong background about the programming starting from Zero level.
5. Learn how to program the Microcontroller using MicroC Language.

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