PowerPoint Animation ENGINE Unleashed | 10 Killer Projects [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

Muhammad Rehman

What you'll learn :

1. Core Conceptual Secrets to Unlock Real Power of Microsoft Power Point
2. Discovering the Hidden Transform* in Microsoft Power Point Animation Engine to Boost Animation Design Process to the Next Level
3. Discovering the Hidden Transform* in Microsoft Power Point Morph Transition base Animations
4. Everyone know Trigger base Animations but we will Learn How to Create THE HIDDEN TRIGGERS*
5. Tick Tack Toe Complete Game with Hidden Triggers
6. How to create Triggers to Triggers or Nested Triggers*
7. Nested Triggers Practical Usages
8. Illustrations Design with Merge Shape Operations
9. Grouping vs Union Approaches in illustration design, Differences and their Pros & Cons
10. Advance Rotations with Motion Paths
11. Scaling Secret Tricks & Techniques
12. 3D Animations in Depth
13. How Content Creators take Advantage from Power Point for their YouTube Channel Content
14. How Engineers, Doctors, Startup founders, Sales people, Build POWERFUL Animations to attract their Audience
15. How to mix-up 2D & 3D Animations [ Hybrid Animations ]
16. Slide Zooming
17. SpaceX Falcon Heavy – from illustration to animations
18. Slide design techniques for Medical Doctors
19. Motion Graphics for Programmers, Freelancers & Coding Instructors
20. Dramatic & Suspense base scenes creation in PowerPoint with Adobe Premier Pro
21. Simulator Design
22. Simple and Elegant Intros & Outers
23. Hollywood inspired Visuals | Radar System
24. Futuristic Had Effects

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