Power BI – Data Analytics Essentials with Power BI

Ahmed Oyelowo

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What you will learn :

1. Simple methods to Analyze data with Power BI and gain Insights
2. Automate manual reporting processes with Power BI
3. Make reports available to stakeholders 24/7 on all devices
4. Select the appropriate charts for visualization (Data Visualization)
5. Create links in reports with Book Marks (Data Visualization)
6. Design Interactive Reports and Dashboards (Data Visualization)
7. Logical steps to build Data Models from (Data Modeling & DAX)
8. Understand concept of Fact and Dimension Tables (Data Modeling & DAX)
9. Simplified methods to write your own DAX Measures (Data Modeling & DAX)
10. Build your Calendar/Date Table from Scratch with DAX (Data Modeling & DAX)
11. Combine multiple Excel Workbooks (Data Preparation)
12. Combine Multiple Excel Worksheets (Data Preparation)
13. Master the rules for Data Preparation (Data Preparation)

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