PHP for Beginners 2023: Build Complete Ecommerce Store [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

Web Coding

What you'll learn :

1. Learn to set up the right environment when getting started with coding
2. Build a complete authentication system
3. Learn to do advanced coding with hashing and un-hashing passwords
4. Warp your head around cool programming concepts like validations
5. Limit the user ability to access sensitive data by protecting it
6. Learn to deal with sessions and customize them based on your needs
7. Create a category system
8. Set up layers and layers of validations for various profiles on your web app
9. Create an admin panel and learn how it works under the hood from start to finish
10. Learn file uploading and how to fully update and delete itx bugs along the way of developing this web app
11. Learn how to create a cart system and how to fully customize it
12. Learn to implement payment with stripe and create a checkout system
13. Implement file downloading with PHP
14. How to integrate Ajax-JQuery with PHP and MySQL to create cool features in you web app
15. Learn how to send emails with attachments with PHP
16. How to create a full wishlist system

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