Photoshop for Architecture: Discounted Course with Focus on Design

Photoshop for Architecture: Discounted Course with Focus on Design

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Course : Photoshop For Architecture

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Photoshop is the most used software for image editing. In this comprehensive architecture course, we will focus on using this powerful tool for architectural post-production projects. By enrolling in this course, you will benefit from the vast experience of the AGA studio.

Why Learn Architecture with Photoshop?

Architects, both professionals, and students, can greatly benefit from learning Photoshop. Whether you are a beginner or have no prior knowledge of Photoshop, this course is designed to help you develop essential skills and create professional architectural images.

Mastering Graphic Design and Interface

In the introductory section of this course, you will explore the basics of graphic design principles that guide architectural visualization. You will become familiar with the Photoshop interface, enabling you to navigate and utilize its powerful features effectively. This foundation knowledge is crucial for creating visually appealing architectural presentations.

Tips and Tricks for Architectural Post-Production

Section 3 of the course is dedicated to sharing valuable tips and tricks that will enhance your architectural post-production skills. You will learn techniques such as inserting people, vegetation, cars, and utilizing shadow and light effects to create realistic 3D images and illustrated sections. These skills will elevate the quality of your architectural visualizations.

Creating Stunning Architectural Presentations

In the following sections of the course, you will work on real-life architectural projects, applying the knowledge gained in the previous sections. You will explore in-depth case studies including the MCD House, P2 House, SS House Photoinsertion, Agora Tech Park, and Interior Spaces. Each project will guide you through the process of creating visually striking presentations using Photoshop.

Mastering Different Environments

Beyond daytime presentations, you will also learn to create scenes with specific environmental conditions. Sections 9 to 11 cover how to generate stunning nightly scenes, rainy scenes, and scenes after rain. These skills will allow you to enhance the storytelling aspect of your architectural visualizations.

Illustrated Cross-Sections and Bonus Content

In the penultimate section of the course, you will learn how to create illustrated cross-sections, adding another dimension to your architectural presentations. Lastly, the bonus section provides additional valuable content to further expand your skills.

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This architecture course is designed to empower architects and architecture students with the necessary skills to create professional architectural presentations. By enrolling in this course, you will gain access to a wealth of knowledge and learn from industry experts.

Important Course Details

  • It is the student’s responsibility to have Photoshop software installed on their computer. Neither Udemy nor AGA provides software for students.
  • The lectures were developed on Photoshop 2021. It is recommended to use the same version or a newer one to ensure compatibility with the resource files.

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What you will learn :

1. The student will learn in practice how to do architectural post-production in Photoshop (software version and audio in English)
2. Insert people, vegetation, cars in motion, shadow and light effects
3. Editing of daylight, nightly, rainy, and after rain scenes
4. Produce illustrated cross sections

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