Open AI’s Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT3 + GPT4) [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

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Current Topics 

What are Transformers?  (Technical)

Concept of RNN3 main concepts in Transformers Positional Encoding Attention Self-Attention

What is ChatGPT?  (Technical)

How You Can Use ChatGPT (Non-Technical)

Creating your Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) account Basic Querying Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3)  and how ethical principles are upheld 

Prompt Engineering  (Technical)

Best Practices for  Prompt Engineering

Open AI Models (Technical)

   We will explore when to use OPENAI models

GPT3 CodexContent Filter

Parameters in Playground (Technical)

Temperature Max Tokens Stop SequenceTop-PInjecting Start & Restart TextFrequency and Presence PenaltyBest ofShow Probabilities

How is ChatGPT Trained?   (Technical)

What is Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3)  and how is it different from rest of transformers

ChatGPT- AI Take Over ?  (Non-Technical)

Money making ideas with ChatGPT   (Non-Technical)

fiverr exampleWRITING & TRANSLATIONSocial Media Marketing Articles & Blog Posts ESTY Generate and Sell Digital Images via DALL·E 2 Write video scripts and generate video with pictory Demo of video generated from pictory More From fiverr:Generate a Script with ChatGPT and use the script to convert to video pictoryAdd English Subtitles to any vernacular videoOwn Startup or Business Ideas Write a Book or SAAS product for bed time stories

Installing anaconda    (Technical)

Open AI With Google Docs  (Non-Technical)

Creating  a AI blog Idea generator and a paragraph to worth 100 lines with Google Docs

Open AI With Google slides (Non-Technical)

Integrating Open AI with Google Sheets with Magic Slides 

Open AI with Google Collab  (Technical)

Installing  codesquire ai Chrome Plugin Code Auto Completion Example Explain Code function

Open AI with Jupyter Notebooks  (Technical)

Open AI with Google Sheets   (Non-Technical)

Example of native integration of  ChatGPT with Google Sheets Google Sheets with GPT for sheets plugin

Projects   (Technical – requires basic knowledge of python)

Build a auto reply to any customer review with GPT3 and StreamlitBuild auto Leetcode solution generator with Streamlit + chatgpt3Can ChatGPT solve your Leetcode problems ?chat GPT + Streamlit with python solution for any Leetcode problemchat GPT + Streamlit with any programing solution for any l:etcode problemBuild Image Generation Application using  DALL·E 2Generating YouTube Video Transcript with WhisperBuild a ChatGPT clone with Gradio in Python  Unified Dalle-2 and ChatGPT Interface with Panel


How to Access ChatGPT4Benchmarking Chat GPT 3.5 vs ChatGPT 4Privacy and ChatGPT Business PlanContent Creation with ChatGPT4Shared Links

ChatGPT Plugins

Getting started with ChatGPT pluginsHow to get access to ChatGPT PluginThird Party PluginsAsk Your PDFAmbition for Job SearchSpeechKi adding  audio generation powers to ChatGPTOne Word Domain : Finding Your Online Identity Show Me : visualize the output of ChatGPT in different waysVoxScript : Youtube Transcript and SummaryPortfolio Pilot : AI Investing GuideCompetitor PPC Ads: Spy on your competition remix and borrow their successful advertising campaigns  AI playlist for Spotify with Playlist AICareer Copilot ChatGPT Plugin to Find Job Opportunities as a Software DeveloperOptions Pro The Ultimate Tool for Options TradersTasty Recipes A Kitchen Essential for Home Cooks, Meal Planners, and Food EnthusiastsJoPilot for job seekersCloudflare Radar  Get Insights into How People Use the InternetRoboAd ChatGPT Plugin: The AI-Powered Ad AssistantTutory  Find the Best Tutor for Your NeedsCreate a QR codeHow to Use KeyMate AI Search with ChatGPT to Enhance Your KnowledgeHow to Use the Space Photo Explorer Plugin to Explore NASA PhotosWolfram Alpha: The Future of Knowledge DiscoveryScholar AIThe Notable ChatGPT Plugin: A Powerful Tool for Data Analysis and VisualizationZillow Your Real Estate Assistant  Get Transcripts and Insights Into Audience EngagementHow to Use the Indeed Plugin for ChatGPT to Find Jobs


what is LangChain?LangChain ModulesModelsPromptsChainTools and AgentsMemoryDocument Loaders and IndexesProject : Building a Chatbot on your custom csv data

LLM Stack


What is AutoGPT? Install and Execute Auto GPT Locally Auto GPT with Agent  GPT in a Browser with AgentGPT Unlock Power of Automation with  God Mode: The AI Tool that Automates Complex

Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service    (Non-Technical)

Learn about how you can use Open AI in Azure Examples of Microsoft products using Open AIPower BI Power platform

Prompt Marketplace    (Non-Technical)

Prompt Base


DALLE Training CLIP &  Diffusion Limitations of DALLE2Reference to Research Paper Hierarchical Text-Conditional Image Generation with CLIP Latent ( Self Study)

How to Use ChatGPT4?

Benchmarking ChatGPT 3.5 vs  ChatGPT4

Money making ideas with ChatGPT ( Technical)

Open AI Bug Bounty Program

Co-Pilot with Office 365

Introduction to Co-Pilot More Creative in WordMore Analytical in Excel ( Sales Data) More Expressive in Power Point (convert word to power point and power point to word) More Productive in Outlook More Collaborative in Teams ( Notes from Conflicting meetings)

Semantic Kernel  – Build your own  Python Copilot with Azure AI or Open AI (coming soon)

GPT Index  (coming soon)

Do we have something like ChatGPT which returns real time results ?   (Non-Technical)

Comparing You vs ChatGPT

What you'll learn :

1. Build next-gen apps with OpenAI’s powerful models
2. Access GPT-3, which performs a variety of natural language tasks, Codex, which translates natural language to code, and DALL·E, which creates and edits images
3. Start building with a simple API call in Python
4. Perform a wide variety of natural language tasks with GPT-3.
5. Translate natural language to code with Codex.
6. Understand how to query GPT3 chat
7. Understand what is GPT3 Playground
8. Application Integration with Streamlit

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