(MEVN Stack) build a PWA & Machine Learning E-Commerce APP

Ahmed Khalaf

Last Updated on August 12, 2022 by GeeksGod

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What you will learn :

1. Build Amazing And Smart Full Stack Shopping Cart Application Using Vue Node Express MongoDB Brain JS From Scratch
2. Use brain JS with Express To Create a Smart Machine Learning Back-end API
3. Convert your App to a Progressive Web App | let your APP able to Setup and Work as Native mobile apps on different mobile devises
4. Write (unit & integration) test To your App
5. Build a Professional Admin Dashboard From Scratch
6. Create REST API using Express
7. Set up Authentication and Authorization user & Admins Accounts
8. Use Animation with VUE JS To Animate Your Page Element
9. Use and Learn Chart JS and Vue-Chart and Create a Reactive Analysis Charting Template
10. Learn how to upload image to your app
11. Use VUEX to Create a Store Data
12. Deploying app to Heroku

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