Master ChatGPT for DevOps Automation

Master ChatGPT for DevOps Automation

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Course : DevOps Automation with ChatGPT: From Beginner to Expert

Why This Course?

Welcome to an unparalleled learning journey with ChatGPT! This course goes beyond conventional tutorials to offer a well-rounded education in automating DevOps tasks, generating intelligent business insights, and even crafting compelling LinkedIn posts and architectural diagrams with ChatGPT.

Are you intrigued by the amalgamation of AI and DevOps or Business Analysis? Do you want to master the cutting-edge capabilities of ChatGPT to revolutionize your workflow? If yes, then this course is a one-stop solution for you.

What Makes This Course Unique?

This course is uniquely designed to cover not just the basics but also the advanced applications of ChatGPT. You will dive deep into real-world examples and hands-on exercises that will make you proficient in automating DevOps tasks and generating business insights using ChatGPT.

It’s a comprehensive program meticulously designed to offer hands-on experience. It’s an intersection of AI, DevOps, and Business Analysis, aimed at professionals who want to upskill and integrate AI in their workflow for real-world applications.

[NEW 2023 UPDATE]: We have added a brand new section on DALL-E 3, as well as new lectures on advanced ChatGPT plugins and shell scripting for automation.

What Will You Learn?

ChatGPT for DevOps Automation: Learn to automate AWS cloud deployments using ChatGPT in conjunction with Terraform. Gain the ability to craft shell scripts and Dockerfiles on the fly and deploy them to AWS ECR and ECS with minimal manual intervention. Build and deploy Docker applications effortlessly using ChatGPT. Transform raw code into visually appealing architecture diagrams. Automate AWS S3 deployments using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) techniques with ChatGPT. Deploy static websites on AWS S3 using ChatGPT.

Advanced ChatGPT Applications:

Delve into the fascinating world of ChatGPT plugins. Whether it’s generating PDF reports, creating complex Mermaid architecture diagrams, or even browsing the web, you’ll master it all. Navigate through ChatGPT plugins for generating PDFs, browsing, and architecture diagrams. Automate the generation of Terraform code for AWS ECS and ECR deployments. Learn to create compelling LinkedIn posts, README files, and architecture diagrams with ease.

ChatGPT for Business Analysis:

Get hands-on with DALL-E 3, a state-of-the-art image generator. Learn how to turn text prompts into stunning visual masterpieces suitable for both professional and creative projects. Create complex stories and troubleshoot intricate problems using ChatGPT. Upload files for more nuanced analyses.

Course Structure

15+ detailed lectures that cover both the breadth and depth of ChatGPT applications. Lifetime access to course materials, including future updates. A Q&A section where you can interact directly with the instructor to get your queries resolved.

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What you will learn :

1. Discover how to leverage ChatGPT for DevOps automation, streamlining tasks like infrastructure setup and code deployments
2. Uncover advanced ChatGPT capabilities, including DALL-E 3 image generation and plugin integration for enhanced AI-driven solutions
3. Master ChatGPT for documentation tasks: create architecture diagrams and export them to PDF, all within the chat interface
4. Explore how ChatGPT can be utilized for Business Analysis, such as creating user stories and troubleshooting complex problems through file uploads.
5. Learn to extend ChatGPT’s capabilities through scripting, including automating Terraform code generation and infrastructure deployments.
6. Dive deep into advanced ChatGPT applications, including plugin usage for PDF creation, browser interaction, and AWS architecture diagram generation.
7. Master the role of ChatGPT in DevOps, from creating Dockerized applications to automating AWS deployments using Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

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