Python Bootcamp: Machine Learning & Self-Driving Cars

Python Bootcamp: Machine Learning & Self-Driving Cars

Iu Ayala

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Course : Machine Learning & Self-Driving Cars: Bootcamp with Python

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Introduction to Machine Learning and Self-Driving Cars

Interested in Machine Learning or Self-Driving Cars (i.e. Tesla)? Then this Free Udemy Coupon course is for you! This course has been designed by a professional Data Scientist, expert in Autonomous Vehicles, with the goal of sharing my knowledge and help you understand how Self-Driving Cars work in a simple way.

Course Structure

Each topic is presented at three levels:


The topic will be presented, allowing you to gain initial intuition about it.


Practical lectures where we will learn by doing. This hands-on approach will help you apply the concepts learned in real-world scenarios.

Deep Dive (Optional)

We will go deep into the math behind the topic to fully understand it. This optional section is for those who want to gain a deeper knowledge of the subject.

Tools Used in the Course

Python: Probably the most versatile programming language in the world, from websites to Deep Neural Networks, all can be done in Python.

Python libraries: matplotlib, OpenCV, numpy, scikit-learn, keras, … (those libraries make the possibilities of Python limitless).

Webots: A very powerful simulator, which is free and open source but can provide a wide range of simulation scenarios (Self-Driving Cars, drones, quadrupeds, robotic arms, production lines, …).

Who is This Course For?

This course is suitable for individuals with different levels of expertise:


There is no previous knowledge required to enroll in this course. There is a section that will teach you how to program in Python.


High-school level is enough to understand everything covered in this course.

Course Sections

The Free Udemy Coupon: Machine Learning course is divided into the following sections:

[Optional] Python sections

This section covers how to program in python, and how to use essential libraries.

Computer Vision

This section teaches a computer how to see and introduces key concepts for Neural Networks.

Machine Learning

This section covers the introduction, key concepts, and road sign classification in Machine Learning.

Collision Avoidance

In this section, we understand how radar and lidar sensors are used for self-driving cars and learn how to use them for collision avoidance and path planning. We also explore the difference between Tesla and other car manufacturers when it comes to the use of radar sensors.

Deep Learning

We will use all the concepts covered in the Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Collision Avoidance sections to delve into deep learning. This includes an introduction to neural networks and Behavioral Cloning.

Control Theory

Control systems are the glue that stitches all engineering fields together. In this section, we explore control theory and its application in self-driving cars.

About the Instructor

Who am I, and why am I qualified to talk about Self-driving cars? My qualifications include:

  • Worked in self-driving motorbikes, boats, and cars
  • Worked with some of the biggest companies in the world
  • Over 8 years of experience in the industry and a master’s degree in Robotics & Computer Vision
  • I have always been interested in efficient learning and used all the techniques that I’ve learned in this course

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What you will learn :

1. Master Machine Learning and Python
2. Learn how to apply Machine Learning algorithms to develop a Self-Driving Car from scratch
3. Understand why Deep Learning is such a revolution and use it to make the car drive like a human (Behavioural Cloning)
4. Simulate a Self-Driving car in a realistic environment using multiple techniques (Computer Vision, Convolution Neural Networks, …)
5. Create strong added value to your business
6. Gentle introduction to Machine Learning where all the key concepts are presented in an intuitive way
7. Code Deep Convolutional Neural Networks with Keras (the most popular library)
8. Learn to apply Computer Vision and Deep Learning techniques to build automotive related algorithms
9. Understand how Self Driving Cars work (sensors, actuators, speed control, …)
10. Learn to code in Python starting from the very beginning
11. Python libraires: NumPy, Sklearn (Scikit-Learn), Keras, OpenCV, Matplotlib

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