Linux Command Line Terminal Basic for Beginners (In Hindi)

Jaikishan Mohanty

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Siddhi Rajesh Kulkarni: It is really an amazing course . I just loved the content and the tutor of the course .It is really beginner friendly and knowledgeable course. Thanks Your happy learner !!! Siddhi Kulkarni. Aakash waghamare: I many course completed but this course is awesome . Main advantage of this course basic to advance level command . sir is awesome explain and practice for student. I LIKE IT Rejwan Gazi: That’s awsome! I dont know what to say in one line. I learn fron this course a lot. and thanks to udemy and jaikishan sir. Manindra Tamang: salute to teaching level, I haven’t bored at any time my will power is always high during the learning period. great thumbs up! Sudhanshu Yadav: awesome course for beginners Isaac Chonillo: This is a good course for beginners Anuj Tiwari: starting from the basics, well explained ! Prashik Vijay Rajane: Teaching is very simple, and learn about all basic terminal cmd in Linux. Anil.kundagol: Very well explained Vaibhav Karad: Jaikishan sir, why you not met before by the way my all doubt clear regarding this course. I’m waiting for your upcoming courses!!! Muhammad Abdullah: This course is superb. It gives a very understanding for beginners in Linux. Navya: Very detailed explanation covering all basic topics excellent. Shubham Kumar: this course is good for beginners. all the necessary stuffs are at one place. Roshni Singh: Course is in hindi language and very easy way its is soo I feel confident its really very nycKaustubh Dhabarde: Simple language. Very good for beginner. Appreciate your work. Keep making such a videos in simple language.Divesh Chandra: Amazing teaching sir i really enjoy and learn linux shortcut and auto fill.Md Shahid Ansari: This content is just wow ?. I love the way of explanation, please bring advance level!Vijaya Mangal: this session is awesome as I get to know some basics about linux. I am just a beginner in Linux but now I have pretty much basic knowledge in this. Thanks for your amazing videosARPIT JAIN: very well explanation about the basic linux commands.Waldemar Schweizer: Very interesting course with many specific topics that will help you understand how to navigate through your Linux file system with a few simple commands. Thank you very much!BVM SASANK: This is the best course that I have found on Udemy for Linux. I like the way he teach and slowly increases the depth which I doesn’t feel like that. Simply superb.Javed Khan: if you want to learn basic linux command and many more things then must follow this tutorial… thanks sir for this awesome tutorials…Akash Rajput: AwesomeMaruf Hasan: Thanks for this course. It is so helpful for those whom newly installed any linux distribution.Satyapriya Mondal: yes! good course and teacher also. want to know more about linux.Atharva Bhosale: The tutor is well versed in the concept and is a great teacher as wellRam Shenvi: I was expecting some more commands like chmod and grep to be taught to alter file access modes but It was great experience for me.Saprative Saha: I liked the way of teaching. Animation is gd. Very easy to understand.And many more..?Updated on Mar 2022 then November 2022.========================================================================

Become an effective Linux user and advance your Career. Learning the Linux Command Line will take you FAR!

Learn to appreciate the power of the Linux command line.

Understand the structure of the Linux File System.

Learn how to navigate your Linux File System using few simple commands!

Learn how to create, modify, and process files.

This course is aimed at IT professionals or people who wish to become familiar with Linux. And it’s meant to give viewers the information they need to know to get started with the command-line and how to manage Linux with its help.

The goal is to provide coverage of basic tasks including topics like —

The Terminal open shortcutsNavigating the file systemcd command different useHow to display current working directoryHow to list files and directoryHow to change directoryHow to create a directoryHow to create a fileHow to copy a fileHow to move a fileHow to delete a fileMuch much more….!!Let’s explore the Linux command with us..

# This is an introductory course for Linux Command Line and Learn from Scratch in Hindi

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What you will learn :

1. You will learn the basic of linux terminal command in Hindi language and it goes from beginner level.
2. Realize the potential of the Linux command line.
3. Navigating the Linux Filesystem.
4. Create hard and soft links & Play some interesting game
5. Use command options.
6. How to list files and directory
7. How to copy a file
8. How to move a file
9. much more..

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