Learn options trading in detail | Earn continue profit

Vikash Chaudhary

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What you will learn :

1. Understand options- How does option works
2. Learn difference between Stocks, Futures and option trading
3. Learn Call and Put for option buyer and seller.
4. Learn what factor affect Option premium
5. Learn about how to choose best option strike price for option buying and selling
6. Get knowledge about difference between option buying and selling
7. Learn Risk management for option buyers
8. Understand how psychology impact option buyers in losing money
9. Learn how to become mentally and psychologically fit
10. Understand 20 Unique option strategies
11. Learn the calculations for different Options Strategies
12. Get special Option Indicator made by me (Vikash chaudhary)
13. Learn how to buy and sell Options in less capital
14. Index weightage – Impact of stocks on index
15. Understand benefits of option trading
16. Learn Option Greeks with implementation process. Theta, Delta, Gamma, Vega, VIX, Opstra tool and demo.
17. Learn Money management, Risk management, Psychology and mind behind option trading

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