Learn Microsoft SQL Server from Scratch [100% OFF UDEMY COUPON]

Yasir Mehmood

What you'll learn :

1. Introduction to Database Management System (DBMS)
2. Microsoft SQL Server development and administration
3. Installation Guide of Microsoft SQL Server
4. How to Create database
5. How to create and modify tables
6. Primary Key
7. Foreign Key
8. Composite Key
9. How to drop a Table
10. Insert data into table
11. Select data from a table
12. Update/modify existing data of a table
13. Delete data from a table
14. Substring function
15. Group By Clause
16. Average function
17. Inner join
18. Left join
19. Right join
20. Full join
21. Distinct function
22. Database Views
23. Stored procedures
24. How to execute the stored procedure
25. SQL jobs
26. How to use Like Operator
27. Taking Database Backup
28. Restoring the database backup

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